iOS 14.3 beta – Dynamic wallpaper Shortcuts actions + hide Notification banner & more!


Shortcuts gets a few new improvements in iOS 14.3 beta 1 & 2. Visit for theme info.

How to create automated wallpaper on iOS 14.3 beta 2. How to create custom icons on iPhone.

Visit for more
Updated tutorial:

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  1. 9to5Mac says

    Update, less convoluted tutorial.

  2. Sanjeet Singh Manhas says

    Hi! Are there a shortcuts option wherein, a particular app gets launched everytime I unlock my phone e.g. reminders or to do list?

  3. Randy Gaffud says

    for a second I thought my phone was glitching but this video was in HDR 😂

  4. Abel Guillen says

    Apple couldn’t let us be happy so close but they had to make that stupid banner😤

  5. NazmusLabs says

    I’m getting a wallpaper too large error. Wallpaper is a snall 720p wallpaper just over 200 kb in size! What’s going on!?

  6. Kevin Roelandt says

    when they release the 14.3 ? i can t recieve imap emails since the updat to, ios 14 . my iphone and ipad have the problem also on 14.2 still the same problem

  7. 70impala206 says

    Nice job! Easy to listen to!

  8. Matt Vaughan says

    Some cool new features!

  9. Techonupnow says

    Well done my friend.

  10. Vignesh Ramamurthy says

    Where can I get those wallpapers?

  11. Craig Peterson says

    Yes .. interested in more shortcut info

  12. musicbyutkarsh says

    wow. Dude you’re amazing 🙌🏻

  13. No Pressure says

    YAy they’re fixing shortcuts for us. !!!!!!!!!!

  14. Pratik Modi says

    Using Moloko App for App Icons is the best thing as it won't even use Shortcut App in iOS 14.3 Beta 2

  15. Eric Landry says

    Hey Jeff – I keep getting a “Unable to Set Wallpaper” error message asking me to provide an image to set as a wallpaper. I’m on 14.3.2, I’m also using iCloud and a specific wallpaper folder…Good morning I missing a step?

  16. Real Noob says

    This is bad for iOS

  17. Aryan Krishna says

    A step in a right direction

  18. ridiqul says


  19. Dub Cee says

    Doesn’t seem like a shortcut if there are 15 steps 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. James Rowe says

    Sorry but removing ALL a notifications from the shortcuts is not a usable workaround.

  21. C T says

    I use no shortcuts… I would love to learn more

  22. Kevin M. says

    Subscribers never get disappointed here 👊🏻 Thank you for great videos. Honestly, Siri’s notifications were really annoying and I had no clue how to disable them but this tip save me. 👏🏻

  23. Shane Alan says

    All well and good but are the WiFi bugs fixed?

  24. Ayush Sharma says

    But that tick notification when you open an app from shortcut is quite annoying as well. Do we have a trick to hide that? That will be very helpful please

  25. Rich Otto says

    Hi,thanks for you videos. I’m new to iPhone so I’m still trying to figure out shortcuts. I would like to create a short cut or automation that would turn do not disturb on when a meeting starts then off when done. Ideally it would run automatically or with on push of a button.

  26. jcirepairs says

    Trying to add some wallpapers to a new folder under the shortcuts file but it won’t let me add? Please help

  27. ToddyChampion _29 says

    How get wallpaper download you have ?

  28. kobby2k11 says

    Can you share a link to all the wallpapers in the video?

  29. Dturtleboy Hernandez says

    Someone help it doesn’t work

  30. Miles says

    they should add a "when magsafe accessory is attached" shortcut automation and let you choose the accessory to run the shortcut on
    example: when attached to [the belkin car mount] launch [a maps app]

  31. cgpandre says

    Thanks so much for the shortcut notification removal

  32. Lilesh Jadav says

    They are doing it because of AirTags!
    so you can tap and open your favourite app!

  33. Uno Steinwall says

    nice! I have just got the new apple watch se and would like to know more about features and specs. can you do a video about it

  34. ANSON KIEK says

    I am the person don’t like shortcut app , I think shortcut app doesn’t feel native for me , such as additional step for doing this.

  35. Eric Landry says

    Jeff: This is next level GOLD here! I cannot express to you how annoying spending so much time building automatic automations only to have the screen cluttered with Shortcut notifications! Awesome work here!!!!!!

  36. Jack 0811 says

    If you turn off Shortcuts notifications there’s no way to turn them back on. If Shortcuts isn’t giving notifications then it won’t show up under notifications in screen time. Then you can never change it back. I hate the notifications that tell me it ran a shortcut automation but I do use shortcuts notifications for other reasons. I wish there was a way you could just turn off notifications that tell you an automation was run.

  37. 9to5Mac says

    I realize that this is a very dumb way to do this. There's a much better way. I'll upload the better version.

  38. Glen Lalonde says

    very nice, great with your details. thanks

  39. WhiteHawk says

    They should add a action in Shortcuts to not have a notification displayed.

  40. Malcolm Leonard says

    Finally able to turn off shortcuts notification! Thank You!

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