iOS 14 Custom Charging SOUND & ANIMATION (Easy Method)


iOS 14 custom charging sound and charging animation. Customize iOS 14 by getting a custom charging sound and animation.

Using the new iOS 14 features you can customize the charging sound and animation on your device. This is the easiest way to do it.

👉👉*NOTICE* Charging animation won’t work when device is locked with a passcode or face id. SORRY forgot to mention it on the video.
Charging Master (paid):
Charging Play:
Charge Sound:


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  1. Eqq Eqin says

    Thank you for this video! Initially opted to go for the free app, Charging Play.
    While setting up, noticed that i can choose my own video with sound, so tried that. Everything works awesome! There will be a popup at the start of the automation if you choose to use the free version. Since it was awesome, i decided to opt for the in-app purchase of just 8¥ (1 time). Now i am using my own video with sound (and no pop-ups) for my automation. Loving it!

  2. Antisocial Fazoo says

    The charging play app ain’t working on my device

  3. Ömer Faruk Yıldız says

    When ı turn on the voice it says watch ad to turn voice but there is no ad. How can i fix this

  4. mostafa sunshine says

    can i make any shortcut to make an alarm after charging to 100% ??????

  5. Oscar Alba says

    Hi, I try but it’s giving me an error when trying to run the animation, there’s any solution. Thanks

  6. PMX Tube says

    It’s waste… you have to unlock..!!! Who does that 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. MohammadRasoul Vashmeh says


  8. John Mendillo says

    Hello there, love your videos…question….I downloaded two apps……Charger Master and Charge sound. I even bought the paid version of Charge Master. I followed your steps but now I'm getting this pop up on my phone "Shortcuts" "Automation Failed" "When John's phone is connected or disconnected from power encountered an error" is there a fix? Thanks

  9. Wilfredo Cura says

    After installing charger master app and following the video, how come the battery charge does not show on the screen. It only shows the test

  10. Jason G says

    What’s the app called

  11. Ugur Yildiz says

    Dis is jailbroken

  12. Carlos Garza says

    Thanks for your videos. Once the animation is set and working, when tested, i unplugged the cable but the animation is still there, i wanted to setup a new animation when the cable is unplugged but what will be the action there?

  13. jonny123 says

    @iRviews I like this 1 as it has the mag charge


    which is the best paid font app for iphone 12 pro Max

  15. 瑀童 says


  16. John Jones says

    How to activate the sounds, when I set my sound and and plug it up nothing happen, and it keeps telling me for a tip to watch ad for sound

  17. aditya sharma says


  18. Duvann Murrieta says

    Thanks iReviews awesome recommendations. Of course downloaded three of them.

  19. Kaydan Soli says

    I think I’m too slow for you lol

  20. Kevin Seymour says

    Your videos are filled with so much junk. Too many words. You say really really cool too much. The app right here way too much. Tap her tap there. 🤦‍♂️

  21. Adams Hamza says

    Glitching out 🙁 😐☹️😞

  22. Brun0 says


  23. gene gandia says

    Very cool! Is there a way to run it with out having to unlock my phone first? Yhanks

  24. Appsiant says

    I made my charging sound to play the Pokémon center healing sound!

  25. Luana Gonçalves dos Santos says

    E tudo pago

  26. Yandeirys Macea says

    Good video

  27. rooney19761 says

    Why can’t you just say the name of the app🤬🤬🤬

  28. Austintyler5 says

    For the sound when charging im getting a shortcut drop Down with the default chime THEN I get my chosen sound. What am i doing wrong

  29. Leonel Mendoza says

    Does location based automations work seamlessly for you? Any tips and tricks?

  30. Noah Green says

    So cool

  31. Insane Ghost99 says

    Both of them are free

  32. Insane Ghost99 says

    The app is free

  33. YT TRANT says

    Please do a video on how to get screen savers (maybe with a app or automation) 😊

  34. Ryan Melville says

    This is dope 😭


    Very nice video ✌🏻👍🏻 You work hard a lot.. been observing you since very long.. and I really gotta say “hat’s off to your dedication man” i hope your channel grows faster than speed of the light ✨ true supporter✌🏻

  36. Lucian Muntean says


  37. TechManiac says

    This was 🔥 your nearly better than some of the bigger YouTubers. Keep it up mate.

  38. A.K007 says

    Nooo I have to pay

  39. Rakin Danish says

    Does it effect battery? Like will it drain fast if u use the animation.

  40. Mohammed Hassan says

    Really really cool!🙌🏻😂

  41. Divy Patel says

    Love from 🇮🇳

  42. Jailbreak0King says

    Cool Video👍

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