iOS 14 OFFICIAL On iPhone 6S! (Review)



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iOS 14 has officially just came out, so let’s how see it holds up on the iPhone 6S!

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  1. mark Emmanuel says

    I was also recommended to 👇 Okb_tech on IG👆🖖🖖👆 He is trustworthy

  2. bittu sarkar says

    I’m from India i install ios14 on my 6s today, some feature are now working like battery % i watch battery level n home screen is slightly different n facing heating issue

  3. Sara Zacarias says

    I have 12.4.8 still😭can you help me😭

  4. I M T H I SAN says

    Does Incoming Phone and FaceTime calls appear as a banner in iPhone 6s ??? Can anyone explain this pleas !

  5. Cathy Lane says

    Can somebody help my iPhone 6s is stuck on ios12 and it’s saying that my phone is up to date-

  6. Tuân Nguyễn says

    Does PIP function work on ip6s everybody ?

  7. parallel cedrick says

    All my apps is on the main screen😂😂 ion kno bout yall

  8. Dee ee says

    I noticed some lags when you scrolling your messages in messenger

  9. John Elento says

    100% to 83% in just 3 minutes 🤔😶😮

  10. Lalfela Patil says

    Bro I don’t have the all closing animation plz explain me how to on it

  11. 矢崎愛子 says

    does anyone know how to solve an update problem? Mine isn’t opening and it pnly shows the support iphone restore thing and the problem is the original charger of this device is already broken and I can’t seem to find any alternatives on how to open my phone😫

  12. minsung superior says

    why does the update button doesn’t show in my iphone 6s?

  13. BTS FanFiction says

    Y mine is still in black screen?is it really normal when u update ur Phone to iOS 14?

  14. Juju Cuai says



    I updated my iPhone 6s to iOS.14 and it doesn’t look like yours 🤔

  16. — e b o n y says

    guys should i download this update? idk if it will wreck my phone.. i have 6s. please let me know before i download it!! xx

  17. Another Voyager says

    The iphone 6s is an absolute beast.

  18. MonTz says

    Had the 6s since release. Recently just upgraded to the 11 pro and I’m still here watch 6s iOS 14 videos lol

  19. iKON KING G I-DLE QUEEN says

    I dont about you but my 6s is getting a lot of battery life when in ios 14 compare to ios 13 And its look prettier with the widget,app library,new siri and design in music

  20. adminofsugas says

    I love my 6splus

  21. Arch1e 123 says

    I did the update on my iPhone 6s but the Home Screen is still the same??

  22. cyvixxrio says

    How do you even get it to iOS 14????

  23. Zac Youngson says

    Still on me trusty 6s!

  24. Rihanna Jean says

    The update might take long, but it’s pretty much worth it tbh,, ☺️

  25. Shane Woodman says

    I installed it using itunes

  26. That’s Dope! says

    iOS 14 on 6s has some bugs and battery is not good

  27. tenseiKG says

    Damn iphones are really outdated lol-samsunguser

  28. Minelegend508 Gamming says

    When will I get iOS 14 in America

  29. Sehrish Aslam says

    We don’t have back tap whyyyyyy on iPhone 6s

  30. Smeet Agarwal says

    Can u please make a battery test video on iOS 14 on iPhone 6s

  31. WOLF BLADE says

    iOS 14 is the last update for the iPhone 6s iOS 14

  32. Nawabzada Taimour Ahmed Khan says

    I have 6s

  33. Syaa Ea says

    watching this on iphone6s

  34. Baloch 5911 says

    What about wifi performance after ios 14 update on iPhone 6s

  35. Gianluca Daga says

    Who use Snapchat? Nobody use it. Nowadays people use onlyfans 😆 try it!

  36. Kaiser Gadia says

    It seems like you were sounded like " I was 14" not "iOS 14". Just saying, no offense.

  37. Ron Benedict Pahayag says

    I think PIP is not working…

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