iOS 14 Top Features You Might Not Know


iOS 14 tips and features that you may not know. In this video I share 14 hidden features and changes in iOS 14 that you may not have discovered yet. iOS 14 brings with it well over 100 new updates and changes for your iPhone. #iOS14 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:12 – Safari and Mail
01:36 – Phone calls
02:03 – Photos
05:19 – Widgets
06:18 – Home screen and apps
08:01 – Music
08:53 – Recordings
10:03 – Security and Privacy
12:14 – Menus
13:02 – Accessibility
14:33 – Green and Orange Dots
15:56 – Conclusion
16:19 – Outro

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  1. zollotech says

    Hi Everyone! The video was cut off so I thought I would say it here.

  2. LIRRM1 says

    Hey Aaron,a feature in IOS 14.1 did not populate on my IPhone 8 phlus called mirror front camera.Some 8plus owners got it while others did not,maybe u can look into that feature.Would appreciate it.

  3. Emir Goodman says

    Thanks for update

  4. Mico Naga says

    Hello, in 6:33 what kind of widget is that monitoring your data usage? And also on my ios 14.0.1 my battery widget (small) only battery life is visible unlike yours 4 icons appear 6:10. Can you please help? Appreciate it! Thank you

  5. P S says

    I have not heard about any of these tips. I tried to follow but don’t seem to have all of them. I am on 14.0.1

  6. Sarah Peterson says

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  7. 091MW2 says

    8:40 am i the only one that doesnt have the infinity symbol with the new update?

  8. Michael sadek says

    14:00 why it doesn't show an orange dot why the iPhone is using the sound recognition ? this security feature still lacks to notify me if my phone is hacked and some one is recording my conversation

  9. Andrew Davis says

    Yea but u can just hold and swipe the capture button in the opposite direction in camera for burst mode

  10. Jacques Janse van Vuuren says

    Good video like always. Video quality looked very nice today too

  11. The luck Of One says

    2 other things I like, if you have two Apple devices with AirPods, if you are listening to music on your phone and switch to iPad, the audio will switch between them, also when you pull down control center, if you have the hearing one in there it tells you if your headphone audio level is too loud and damaging your ears

  12. BenSixTen says

    Is there a shortcut to activate Siri instead of Hey, Siri or Long pressing the side button?

  13. Roger N says

    One feature that nobody knows ! It will destroy your iPhone as you know it !!!!!Don’t let these fools talk you into it…….

  14. Sallu Bhai says

    We knew all the feautres. All were basics 🙁

  15. Marc Recovery says

    My music doesn’t give me the infinity option 😢 iOS 14.0

  16. thewizard301 brijmohan says

    I have an iphone 7. Since i dl ios 14.01 everything become slow on my phone. I have to press and hold to drag flip up or flip up down ect. Any fix for this. Thank you.

  17. Tech & Komsan says

    iOS 14 Top Features you must know

  18. Michael Maki says

    Are you related to the Sunday Night Football referee?

  19. Smally Bells says

    Don’t think he showed the split screen / multitask on this too just accidentally figured that out now while watching Netflix and receiving a WhatsApp message 👍🏼 if you want to do it anyway….watch a video on Netflix or what ever you watch stuff on and turn phone how you normally hold it press home button and done can watch programs/ movies while doing other stuff too ( I’m on iPhone 7 Plus and have had this phone years so if you could do this before this update I didn’t know about that )

  20. Chin Opai says

    Can you turn those lights off?

  21. TheGreentony says

    One new feature: when your iPhone(i have 8+) is connected to your car via Bluetooth, it recognizes when you answer the call by phone itself and not send the audio to car. Like when you stand near it. Before it was very annoying when you answer your phone and hear nothing because you’re not in the car.

  22. Muhinda Albert says

    Sound recognition never worked for me..

  23. gaurav dangui says

    Camera feature doesn't apply to 7 Plus

  24. Siddharth Naidu says

    i wonder why no one noticed this : lines not straight on ios 14 and macos bigsur looks like entire os stretched right side up on both operating systems why apple doing this?

  25. Kiran Jois says

    15:- Back tap

  26. Mina F. Beshay says

    Iphone 8 has no new camera settings! Am I alone?

  27. Franz Lyonheart says

    So you CAN set Chrome as default browser, but because of privacy problems, you definitely DON'T WANT TO! Select Brave Browser for privacy reasons!

  28. michael allen says

    thank you

  29. NordicGirl2 says

    If you are using the 7plus the camera settings you referred to are not shown in settings. I would imagine that goes for most of the older versions?

  30. Sera Raymond says

    Mîñë was permanently UNLOCKED through Chektec on îñstâgrâm he's a pro📲

  31. Sera Raymond says

    Mîñë was permanently UNLOCKED through Chektec on îñstâgrâm he's a pro📲

  32. Mhat Esguerra says

    Hello zollotech, can i upload also ur wallpaper to the zedge website then i will promote ur channel ther

  33. John Robertson says

    Thanks Aaron! Despite watching every one of your videos reviewing each Beta of iOS14, when I downloaded the new software last week I got a complete mind blank

  34. sean gledhill says

    It’s good to know about these things Thanks 👍🏼

  35. Jewbaby B.M says

    Why isn’t my iPhone 11 offering the update???

  36. Mr. X says

    Kindly keep your ad in the middle or end

  37. Naufal - Silverstone ID says

    in the middle of the night my phone notice the sound of baby crying but no baby here. WTF feature.

  38. Softhearted says

    Thanks for a nice and helpful video👍. Just wanna know would it be notified also if some website uses our camera as nowadays we are having this risk of unknown exposure?

  39. E Presley says

    THANK YOU! This is by far the best video tutorial I’ve seen regarding the new updates!

  40. Dude Whats Up says

    I like how u can swipe over to the app library and swipe down from the middle and then it will just have a list of all your apps u can scroll through to pick one

  41. Car says

    You can also take bursts by holding the camera button and instead of swiping it to the right you swipe it to the left

  42. Fûtîvêš says

    No camera features at all on iPhone 6s ….like the options haven’t changed a bit

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