It’s here! XBOX SERIES X – Testing 4 generations of Xbox games!


Review of the Microsoft Xbox Series X game console & 4 generations of Xbox games! Patreon:


My Video Gear & Equipment:
Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
Elgato HD Game capture devices :

Background music by Metal Jesus Rocks and Ethan Meixsell

** DISCLAIMER: I was provided a review unit for this video along with game review codes, however nobody paid me to review it and all the thoughts and opinions are my own **

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  1. TheLensof Benchmarks says

    the switch feature is gonna make more AFK players in multiplayer games lol

  2. Pyryte says

    What's kind of funny is I wasn't even interested in The series X until I heard there was a new Fable coming out so whenever that comes out I'll probably get it.

  3. Octane Swagg says

    Do Max Payne 3 work ???

  4. Delgado oyé says

    You made my entire day bringing out Panzer dragoon Orta …my childhood was refreshed so many hours and replays through that game

  5. Mitchell Hunt says

    I’m not even a gamer I just wanna get it for the flex

  6. atomiswave1971 says

    Buy was it weird….

  7. jewelbell5 says

    this console is so ugly to me.

  8. Juan Garcia says

    Does it play Area 51 from the original xbox?

  9. RJ MacReady says

    My XBOX series X unboxing.

  10. GhostWolfViking says

    The Xbox Series S is a 1080p console with no disc drive. Digital games ONLY Will not play disc games. Weaker than the Xbox One X. – $300

    The Xbox Series X is a 1440p/4k dynamic resolution console with a disc drive. Plays backwards compatible games and discs Better than the Xbox One X – $500

    The new consoles are difficult to find right now in stores. I skipped buying them and purchased a new gaming pc.
    Was not impressed with the Xbox One X and games being locked at 30 fps, poor performance, lack of interesting exclusives.
    There is no reason for me to rush out and buy the Xbox Series X at the moment. Halo Infinite was delayed.
    Better to wait for the launch issues to be ironed out and wait for a sale.

  11. s.benaka kumar says

    Can anyone answer me plz….so backward compatibility is just that if we have old xbox console game CDs and we insert them into this Xbox series X….it plays well …am i right??…. This also means that we can buy series X and buy games which were intended to the previous version of xbox….

  12. jam 1938 says

    Why is xbox still using batteries in the controllers. Why is the power source not built in and rechargeable like the Playstation

  13. Judrihano Thuys says

    Is it only a few original Xbox games that play?

  14. Bartoni Gaming says

    As a Sony fan, I've got to admit I do love the backwards compatibility of the series x. Sony need to do this. Great video. Thank you

  15. Sven Heilbrunner says

    12:57 – DooM on XBox 360 needs 596,1 MB
    1995: Ultimate DooM needs about 13 MB of HDD space.
    The problem isnt just games getting bigger and bigger but also devs becoming sloppier every day with todays hardware ressources.

  16. Marc S. says

    I think the series X is currently for the fans who want to maximize a game experience especially when there is a performance mode existing. e.G. Hitman 2, Witcher 3…

  17. Davit.G Dukart.M says

    Nice video, so The next gen consoles are most likely a dev console with fast loadtimes for Twitch and youtubers works, seeing the big marketing with media it is all we seeing this year.

  18. Ayotolla Of Rock and Rolla says

    Ncaa college football 14 ??? Will it work ?

  19. NetshadeX says

    Thanks for this video dude. It's surprisingly hard to find performance reports on OG xbox and 360 titles running on Series X. (higher framerates? Quality of upscaling? Auto HDR look?) I wish more people would share their experiences with them. I for one can confirm the original Assassin's Creed (xbox 360) is upscaled beautifully and the auto HDR looks amazing. Framerate still capped at 30 though. Although this time it's a fully locked 30! I can also report Crysis 2 doesn't seem to benefit from the Series X power. It's the exact same as playing on 360. If anyone has any good results to share, please don't hesitate!

  20. Pim JCB says

    This year January i bought the Xbox One X. I can wait till next year summer. Unless the remake / remaster of Mass effect series makes a huge difference on series X.

  21. LightBlue2222 says

    Interesting on the sticky trigger. I had a ps3 gamestop brand controller that did it. Was slight but drove me nuts. I ended up ripping a tiny piece of paper and sticking it between the plastic so it wouldn't hit and stick. But anyhow good feedback here. That's something I would notice

  22. CyberCASPERx64 says

    If Max Payne, Charlie murder and several digital games that are not on the list for Xbox Series x, I will be mad. It only work for disc. I still keeping xbox 360.

  23. Crimson Shadow745 says

    Metal Jesus ROCKS 🤘

  24. David P says

    Hey Metal jesus, just an FYI on series s: it plays xbox one versions of games, not the one x. So it plays some of the worst versions of these games at 900p which is pretty pixelated. But I mainly got it to play original xbox games and 360 games I missed out on having always gone playstation, and for that it's been incredibly awesome since it runs those at 1080p/upscaled to 4k.

  25. Robert Mendez says

    Can you use the external hard drive for this

  26. LAST- KING says

    Thank you for this videos I was looking for one like this… u ….. are ….THE CHOSEN!!!!🔥😡🔥

  27. demon king says

    Can you play lego lord of the ring

  28. Invidious says

    That's great but can you hook me up with a PS5?

  29. Czar Capital Ltd says

    Perfect 👌 video, very informative. Cheers 🍻

  30. callum joseph says

    sony better

  31. PorscheGT1 says

    I got the Series S and Series X, One X, XB1.. I'm loving the little Series S 🎮

  32. Jonny says

    Hopefully otogi 1 and 2 will be able to play on series x.

  33. Christian Löfqvist says

    21:44 – That describes me, courtesy of Don Mattrick's "Brilliant" design decisions regarding the Xbox One!

  34. jas 117 says

    Okay now I'm getting a Xbox series x I have my 3 old original Xbox games serious Sam 1 and 2 and black I'm saving my money up now

  35. Real G says

    why disdude head so long

  36. kc vibes says

    Can you confirm if Nfl2k5 is playable on Xbox X?…… I have read in some forums that for some reason Nfl2k5 is not playable?

  37. BEN 1891 says

    Question from a light gamer and xbox newbie ,!! i'm thinking about the Xbox series as a media center /Stream device ( Disney+ , Netflix , etc.. ) and i'd like to be able to connect a large external HDD ( i.e Seagate 6tb ) to access movies and music content ( Mp3 , Avi , MKV etc..) with a player like VLC . I think VLC is available for Xbox . Right now i have a PS4 , but PS4 doesnt 1. Recognize large HDD unless they are format to Fat32 . My HDD are NTFS ( microsoft ) 2. Ps4 has no VLC and can't read every format , only very specific AVI and MKV with the right encoding . VLC read everything . 3. Disney+ run like crap now on the PS4 . I'm thinking of replacing my old computer that serve as a music+ movie server for a XBOX series . Would you reocmmend it .

  38. locke cole says

    People bought a next gen console just to play old gen games lmao..

  39. ArabianFreedom says

    If I ever bought an XSX, it would be for backward compatibility feature. MS played it well.

  40. jalene150 says

    It’s time for a storage revolution next. Need faster and much larger ssds

  41. Average Dave says

    Finally someone who tried/showed putting in original game DISCS! Awesome work!

  42. Michael Wood says

    Can you only play 4k

  43. Tony Melo says

    I put an old favorite Xbox original game in my series x, freedom fighters, and IT DOESNT PLAY IT………. IM SO BUMMED.

  44. Jarod Schultz says

    Four generations being played on a new system is exactly what Sony should have done. I was hoping the PS5 would play games from PS 1-2-3-4-5. I think Nintendo should do the same thing. Come out with a new system and call it "Switch 2" and make it backwards compatible with the original Switch. But one thing I think Sony does better is with naming their systems. They just number them. No odd names like 360, One, or Wii U.

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