Jensen Ackles Reflects On The Last Season Of 'Supernatural' | Entertainment Weekly


Jensen Ackles looks back on the last season of ‘Supernatural’.
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Jensen Ackles Reflects On The Last Season Of ‘Supernatural’ | Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Tamure Hasan says

    The Official Trailer of upcoming season is finally here 🙌 Time to get ready for the best motivation experience. Click the below link to watch this trending video and do not forget to subscribe the channel 👣

  2. Holly Franklin says

    The final episode marked more of a end for me. My son started watching supernatural the very first episode. Over the years he had brought each family member to the supernatural family..we all became accustomed to watching each episode with my son Russ. I lost my son March 24 2018. We got together to watch each episode not only for ourselves but for my son as well..His babies loved it dad would like this episode ..when it was announced it was the last season we all felt something. As the season marched to the last episode. We all just cried and cried for our supernatural family. And for our own family. May the supernatural family er really end. Sending love and thank you for helping us celebrate my son for a couple more years. Much love from a grieving mom. RUSS' MOM

  3. james call says

    I would of like to have seen both of them get a family and die old as maybe a reward for all the good they have done

  4. Porter Unboxing says

    I love you Jensen

  5. Kevin B says

    Most disappointing final ever. Last week's episode could have been the final.

  6. Dia Feda says

    is he keeping the car?

  7. JHuido says

    this was not the ending for me, I feel you pain too Jensen it was so ooc… poor Cass what they did to him…

  8. Dave k says

    The ending SUCKED

  9. Beth Coddington says

    Great interview! Loved the show and will continue watching on Netflix for as long as it's available. Thanks for 15 years of great entertainment, guys!

  10. obx nc says

    The final episode was nothing more than a big fuck you to fans. How pathetic dean killed by some two-bit vampires right after he and Sam defeat God. Really the writers should be ashamed of themselves for airing that crap. Pathetic!


    Show deserved a better ending than that. I was hoping g for better but shows never have good endings. The ending ruined the whole 15 years for me

  12. Niklejs says

    You don't have to worry, Dean. The ending was perfect.

  13. silent jaye says

    Wonderful interview….. What an ending….Brilliant!

  14. Kate B. says

    I'm not crying…

  15. Nemo Fish says

    I loved Dean because he was so relatable.

  16. Tish TheDish says

    LOVE YOU JENSEN!!!! Cried so much on the ending last night!!!! That scene …. oh man …. felt it with Both you guys….. felt it in my soul…..Best goodbye scene EVER in History of TV……STILL grieving, still just don’t know how to feel….Thsnk you so much for your love of acting, the efforts and everything in between….will always remember Dean & Sam….. I cried so hard but yet was bittersweet at end. Not sure can get over yours though. Just difficult but made sense. Oh my gosh that was amazing ….both of you….as Dean & Sam. And as Jensen & Jared, We were right there with you the whole time crying our EYES OUT.
    PEACE & ❤️ Until we meet AGAIN! #ForeverAWinchester.

  17. TheGLOCK17shooter says

    I cant stand how much she says "like"

  18. Giulia Sermonti says


  19. Rocky johnson says

    I will Miss you Guys! As we know there is no finality to Supernatural as anything could bring them back from death down the road to spin off a movie or a comeback.

  20. POWER GLOVE says

    Carry on my Wayward son,
    There'll be peace when you are done,
    Lay your weary head to rest,

  21. Nancy Wiseman says

    Omg will miss you guys so much best show ever love you forever Sam and dean 😩😩😥😥 carry on boys

  22. Terri Morgan-Aldrich says

    If I get sick with covid, I'll always have this show in my head. Not negative, just thankful

  23. Bartolome Esteban Murillo says

    Imagine the last few minutes on set, many must have been bawling like babies. 15 years is a long time working together to say the least.

  24. Monica Chiong says

    So proud of you guys! 👏 I'm surely gonna miss you guys😭

  25. J.' The Kid Crome says

    Jensen Ackles is so fuckin cool man

  26. Niome 85 says

    Loved the ending so satisfiying

  27. Lucky Enopia says

    Thank you for 15 years of adventure.

  28. Niome 85 says

    Well done Jensen #deanwinchesterforever

  29. Amber Kelly says

    I’m watching this after the finale. The episode felt sad to me. I think it was meant to be some time later from the previous episode and the boys living with new freedom but it felt sad, like that didn’t really fit anymore. They had fought god, angels,demons, death so monster of the week was past them. We didn’t get to see Dean dealing with Cas’s death or declaration like we had before and that felt wrong. He was so bitter, hurt and angry in the past when Cas died and now he just accepts it? Maybe he was just done?
    The goodbye between the brothers was emotional. Sometimes death is random and not a huge poignant moment and I get that as an interesting twist. But it felt almost like a call back to the codependency. Of course Sam did move on and get the life he wanted and that was sweet.
    But Dean is in heaven finds out that Cas who is at least his best friend is alive and doesn’t even get a hello, doesn’t even say he’s glad he’ll see him again? He’s just sad their is no Sam? Codependency again. I thought we had got passed this. I’m glad the brothers reunited. It was touching but it all felt very melancholy. I was left wanting.

    I love this show, this cast, these characters and I thank them.

  30. whojang2000 says


  31. IAm TheOne says

    my god that ending is trash.

  32. Debbie says

    My husband, daughter and I just finished watching the final episode and we were in tears. It’s one of our favorite shows and we’ve been watching it since season one. I get what Jensen meant about initially feeling unsettling but it was a fitting and beautiful ending, the brotherly love and bond is the absolute essence of the show and it was well done from start to finish. 🥰

  33. Teresa Thompson says

    I just watched the finale. I couldn't hold back the tears. Loved the ending!

  34. Debbie J. says

    I am not watching season 15 until it comes out on Netflix and then we are bingewatching it with family. It is going to be hard to avoid spoilers until then. I am 68 and have watched since day one. Love the show and characters and Iy is my go to show whenever I just want to relax and enjoy Sam and Dean.

  35. Josiah Smith says

    We need Jensen to do the Dean Winchester voice one last time

  36. D J says

    I was 14 when this show started I’m 29 now bout to 😢

  37. 김성빈 says

    Jensen & Jared's Supernatural's not just TV Show..
    It's Life, Love, Happiness, Resurrection, Redemption, EVERYTHING 😢
    J2's 15 YEARS JOURNEY's much more better than anything in the Whole WORLD..😭

  38. 김성빈 says

    Definitely Jensen's any fashions & any hair styles & any make-up & his tattoo's always Best of Best ever..
    because J.Ackles's not just man… He's a Perfection ❤️❤️ past, present, future 👍😉

  39. 김성빈 says

    Definitely Jensen Ackles's always Best of Best Actor & Director & Singer ever in the Universe..❤️
    so apparently His new TV Show or Movie & His New Characters will be Incredible & Epic !
    Because J.Ackles's Perfection 👍

  40. Daphne Louis says


  41. Prashanthi bogi says

    😍😍Love you Dean Winchester!!!! I admire you so much.. You literally became a part of my life since a long time… Its only for u that i see Supernaturals .. You are my hero mann!!!! We really miss you …. I wish I could meet you one day….

  42. miranda f says

    fuck,,, i don't think i'm ready for tonight

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