I played the Kid Laroi in a 1 on 1 basketball game for 1000 dollars! Do he got a better jumper then anyone in the rap game? 👀 Definitely surprised me

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  1. samantha says

    ayy auz w the camera

  2. samantha says

    DRUSKI 😂

  3. x. silverchild says

    We not gonna talk about how laroi and jack Harlow in the same gym at the same time and Andrew didn’t ask jack Harlow to 1v1 after?😂💀

  4. A Y says

    Does kid laroi even hoop? How old is Andrew?

  5. Bobby Lite says

    Mans behind the camera got covid or sum

  6. Keke O.T says

    u know someone cold when they hoop in jeans

  7. Reezy says

    Where is this nigga at? Polo G, Laroi, Jack Harlow, and Druski gah damn

  8. Jason says

    He looks bigger than I thought

  9. Aaron Joseph says

    What happened to your shot anti? If you and Kenny play 1v1 again Kenny is winning. You got all the moves but can’t knock your shots down. Bro you are really good just work on your shot. Also don’t overshoot.

  10. Vaughn Costello says

    ANTI AYS wass poping 💯💯💯💪🏽

  11. Dante Mula says

    the step back is used when you have the defender on top, just to get space, why always do if you have space? you only get one shot further

  12. Lil G FUEL says

    He’s have more subscribers than you🤬

  13. Shame ! says

    4K views with 300+ likes … y’all disrespectful 🕊

  15. Rocky Doggy says

    Haven’t watched the vid yet but I already know laroi can get buckets💪

  16. DbsFan 10 says


  17. W says

    why my guy in jeans lmaooo

  18. Basic PBNJ says

    Damn I don’t know who shot worse

  19. The ShoePlug says

    Bro you need to get tested after this , your camera man sound sick asf 😂😂💀

  20. David Tan says

    this camera man got corona

  21. MrDane634 says

    Excuse me while I bleach my eyes

  22. Jason Chan says

    why anti playing in jeans the fuck

  23. Jasper Trent says

    Justin Beiber ain’t lookin to good right now

  24. ChrisMaiTheAsianGuy says

    Bro who’s the cameraman 😂

  25. XChronicHash says

    0:24 lmao did he really have to do a stepback…. he was nowhere near him

  26. asianwater yt says

    The Kid Laroi was like "Tell me WHY, TELL Me WHy, this guy keeps hitting his shots"

  27. Bad Ass Jit says

    I fw both of you, keep up the grind 🔥🔥

  28. L33TH4XM8 says

    bro out here husslin rappers 😂

  29. Miso says

    Vid with Laroi=Stonks are booming📈📈📈

  30. Eddie The Trainer says

    I see u bro 💯

  31. Nathan T says

    Someone give the camera man a tissue

  32. 432 hz music says


  33. Toni J says

    Just bring a pair of shorts with you fam. Always got jeans on haha

  34. Maksim Lozanoski says

    No disrespect to Laroi but my mans got some trash animations bruh, Ion know who got worse animations him or flight. Somebody get him off the court 😂💯

  35. Erick C says

    Andrew clouted up

  36. Nino Hoop Gawd says

    Sub me and let's play

  37. Abyss God says

    Druski funny af

  38. Mert says

    Laroi not playing like he bet $1000 lmao

  39. ScumScatPack says


  40. MoreLikeGucc says

    This man Anti recording with the stars howw

  41. JustGabe says


  42. Mert says

    Cameraman got corona

  43. Mrcooltroll Maxi says

    Was a kid filming him?

  44. Khalik Keenan says

    bro its druski😂

  45. 天使Paralyze says

    who else came from his ig💯

  46. aireli 24 says


  47. Jonas Frazier says

    How are you playing all these rappers?

  48. Karan Mohanty says

    ‘Best jumper in the rap game’, shit looks like a meow

  49. LAROI Vault says


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