KotM Diecast Street Racing | Tournament 2 Round 1 Group 3


King of the Mountain – Modified Diecast Race Series
This video is intended for diecast collectors and racing fans 13+

2020 Tournament #2 – Round 1 Group 3

Race Rules:
– 4 cars compete in 4 races
– points are scored based on finishing position. (1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1 point, DNF = 0 points)
– Top 2 cars advance to the next round

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  1. King Munro says

    Can’t wait for the 2020 Highlight Reels

  2. Sean Dave Cyrus Dudas says

    I request for MCLAREN TOURNAMENT in the Race Mountain

  3. DratiniDragonEmperor2005 DragonX says

    I hope there’s no Demagorgons around

  4. darthamidala says

    Production quality and commentary second to none- more races more often please!!

  5. Aco319sig says

    And that, folks, is called the "Pitt" maneuver…

  6. M.I. 6 says

    I love you guys,It’s so well done and hilarious,I bet you laugh your asses off together with your friends making this! If i had the money i’d definitely support this channel and it’s memberships!!! Hopefully i can be one in the future,Such a underrated Channel,Thank you for this content for all of us,We really appreciate it 🚗🧡 #KingOfTheMountain🔥

  7. Ranamanathabasca Rohipalepadoptra says

    Cheech and Chong quote didn't go unnoticed.

  8. skorpio love smith HOMEGROWN DIECAST RACING says

    Recovery of the year for sure! F150 killing it

  9. skorpio love smith HOMEGROWN DIECAST RACING says

    First round wreck epic! Nice upside down intro! Stranger thing’s whaaaat

  10. Jonathan Crummett says

    That'll make the SportsCenter Top 20 Plays of the Day.

  11. The Traveler says

    What a freakin race WOW!

  12. Diecast Fan says

    love watching these diecast car races…looks so realistic at moments

  13. Anibal Babilonia says

    That was a strange racing event!👋🤣👉❤ the stranges craziest stuff goes around the king of the mountain!🍺🥴👍

  14. Bruno Correia says

    Really cool the 80's synth music 😁👍

  15. Todd B says

    If you ain't first yer last, right Timmy A?

  16. Ziggy Stardust says


  17. Yamilay Etienne says

    That was a nice win for Matt A. I love watching these races.

  18. Ann Alifante-Briscoe says

    Nsjeddhwhehqbdhdbshddbdbbsbsbsbzbzbsbdbsbsbxbbxbxbxbdbb bYvs,sfy4ydslhd#h FHA’sjdxha$Chh,he+jzxcGXC$🤾🏻‍♀️🏌🏽‍♂️🏈🎣🤾🏻‍♀️🏐🍹🥢🎽🍐🥫🥬🍆🌶🍗🥒🥝🍒🥝🍗🍉🥫🍚🥕🥬🥘🦴🌭🍎🍒⚖️🥬🥓🌔🍊🌮🥬🥝

  19. Rusty Galloway says

    Nice Shaft theme reference. 😀

  20. Jim The Simp says

    Expect the unexpected on KOTM! Whoa!

  21. Emancipation300 says

    Matt a and Timmy Vincent

  22. Александр Торбеев says

    Тот самый комментарий на русском )))

    А если честно, то это действительно круто!!! Сразу вспоминается детство, когда сам устраивал чемпионаты среди своих моделей 1:43 по дальности проезда с горки )))

  23. Godless Bastard says

    Shaft reference in there lol

  24. Kaiju Wrecker says

    That was some crazy racing!

  25. Diecast, toy cars, pull backs: what's in the case? says

    Very cool 👍

  26. Tommy Craft says

    Is Matt A actually Collin McRae’s spirit; “he just rolled his car and I don’t even think he lost any time!” (If anyone doesn’t know this reference, search YouTube for “xgames Colin McRae Travis pastrami roll”, It is worth it.).

  27. Safwan 048 says

    MATT A killed out there today.
    MATT A: you may wreck me but you can"t beat me.
    that car is a bulldog in this race. wooooooooow. Tinmmy vincent was not bad. 3 cheers for both

  28. Mohd Hamdan says

    Matt A has skill and luck all together like 3D said

  29. Noah Behnke says

    The commentary makes this channel standout.

  30. Mohd Hamdan says

    Audi house pretty neat

  31. Negil Leufeln says

    That's some Oscar worthy cinematography at the start there

  32. Leonard6562 says

    Notif= just now.
    Comments= 12-15 hours ago.

    WTH youtube…

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