La Sposa 2015 Fashion Show


In the new collection for 2015 LA SPOSA has conjured up some voluminous, flowing skirts with layers of tulle frills that create a magical cascading effect. To highlight and enhance the bride’s silhouette, LA SPOSA uses draped fabrics, bodices with a bustier effect and belts. There are also mermaid dresses in the collection, as well as some simpler styles.

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  1. Thanh Xuân Kute says

    great! so beautiful.


    Abiti stupendi!!!

  3. Micah Mauderer says

    I'm finally 20 and I'm watching this video because I have my first ever wedding dress fashion show tomorrow and I want to watch the pro's do it. I've been modeling and working backstage at fashion shows since 4th grade doing Dillards, PacSun, lots of Buckle, teenager clothes, but wedding shows are the most crazy backstage! Boobs flying everywhere, 95 super expensive (500$ to 10,000$!!!)white dresses that all look the same that all have to be organized and kept very perfect looking among dozens of bare, dirty feet running everywhere! From what I see, swing the hips a lot and don't be shy to show the fabric by touching it. It will be psycho backstage, but I got this. Thank you for the upload!! Amateur models such as myself thank you haha

  4. schrap72 says


  5. azamat Sms says


  6. Jose C ferro says

    Uma coleção de vestidos de noivas modelos tradicionais e comteporanios comfecçionados artesanalmente lindos vestidos modelos tomara que caia com caimento marquando a silhueta do corpo até a cintura com caimento alargado nais latérais e arredomdado com barra ampla lindos vestido com caimento marquando as curvas do corpo até abaixo dois quadris Bordados com relevós e com Babados e pedrarias lindos véu tamanho P M G com design lindos teçidos télinhas lindos e vestidos com prégas com caimento visualment lindos uma coleção com muito requinte e luxo

  7. Andy Prince says

    this is how models should "model" , I mean, look at their smile, energy.. thats what sells.. USA and France, take notes watching this…

  8. Alla Kаufman says


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