Last Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games of 2020!


2020 is the year of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and now Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Even so besides the Zelda Breath of the Wild experience, we have a number of other Nintendo Switch games coming out in late November and December!
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  1. Commonwealth Realm says

    What games are you getting from the Nintendo Switch games of 2020? Other than Hyrule Warriors, naturally 😉

  2. Ron Botón says

    What about Scott Pilgrim? Has it been delayed to 2021 or is it just not your cup of tea? I'll get it right away, just in case there is any licencing issue again. Fenyx Rising seams like a must have for me personally, but I can wait until next year (for Age of Calamity I can't wait even a second though).

  3. Steve Anderson says

    So excited my copy of AOC just arrived!

  4. Benji 64 says

    9:27 Seems like everybody forgot about Shadow Dragon…

  5. Mont Blanc says

    i still don't understand, how a Zelda-themed channel calls AgeOfCalamity a "Zelda game without dungeons and different combat" .. i mean, it's a Zelda-themed hack-and-slasher, and that's why i – as a long time Zelda fan – am not interested in playing it. It's really kind of weird of how the theme and story of a franchise seem to define a game nowadays .. and not the gameplay itself .. i refuse to accept that 😉

  6. Benjamin Willis says

    I think 2020 started out a bit rubbish but the holiday season is great plus next year looks good so not that cross…

  7. Torin O'Connor says

    Make a vid about the new Age of Calamity vid

  8. Ben Burned says

    CWR : makes a vid about switch games
    Gaming companies wanting to advertise their game : its free real estate

  9. Toby says

    It is honestly kinda funny how age of Calamity is a big game to a lot of people. As a long-time hardcore Zelda fan, I remember nobody gives a crap when Hyrule warriors came out, and I was the only few people who played that game for a genuinely long time and I knew every characters' combo and stuff, and I loved it so much. Now all of a sudden everyone is hyped for age of calamity which is the same gameplay with the story of botw. As a long-time zelda fan, I don't really know what kind of magic just happened to the fan base, it just feels like so many people becoming fans after playing botw as their first game. I am happy about it but I feel cringe as well.

  10. MewtubeREAL says

    Srsly very veeery excited about AoC. It's 2 daays leeeeeft! Super excited.

  11. Link Δ says

    “It’s a Zelda breath of the Wild story and game but without the dungeons”…. yes because Breath of the Wild had dungeons 🙃🙃 i wish lol

  12. Cabbage says

    The only one I’m looking forward to is hiyrule warriors

  13. Cabbage says

    Genshin impact is a breath of the wild cone!!!!!!! No one wants it’s on switch

  14. gH05t M4LL says

    Videogames are in such a trash state, the last holdout for uncensored esoteric japanese releases and exclusive games are Nintendo, not just in 1st party but what they allow to release without being messed with. But unfortunately they are more interested in selling units then they are making sure they have a consistent release schedule, remember when they said handheld / console teams would be combined to avoid this? Well that was a complete lie, a handful of games a year, sometimes 1 or 2, constant droughts. The switch's lifespan has been miserable, just playing old ports.

  15. MephilesTheDark1987 says

    What about Doom Eternal Switch

  16. Jarett Gardner says

    All of them!!!!

  17. Luka Zaragoza says

    I cant get AoC when it comes out but I am gonna try my luck and see if I can get it for Christmas

  18. Martin Moonlite says

    whole lotta rhythm games lol

  19. Mitsune Kusajishi says

    Ok, first of all, y'all know damn well, everyone's gonna buy a Age of Calamity let's not Cap.

  20. Starfox Smash says

    I recently started to play Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition to prepare myself for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. So I am definitely looking forward to that.

  21. Dan B says

    2021 the year i finally get a switch finally play BOTW

  22. Mas8ud Abdulaleem says

    I'm getting age of calamity as soon as possible!

  23. Interesant

  24. Cobra Strike Down says

    None really speak to me….

  25. kcvriess says

    I've played the Age of Calamity demo. It's just not my type of game. I'll gladly watch all the cut scenes as soon as someone makes a compilation on YT though.
    I'm sure that we'll get our Zelda fix next year for it's 35th birthday. So the wait for the BotW sequel won't be that long. I'd love a WW + TP bundle.

  26. citizenofhyrule says

    05:24 original mafia game main theme song by illusion softworks. which 24+ editor was on this?

  27. L LA says

    So, basically, it's Hyrule Warriors.

  28. Andy santi says

    I was hoping for botw 2… cmon 2021!

  29. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha says

    Stop that. Nintendo's year starts April 1st not jan and it goe till March31st. The jan feb and march games are still counted in the 2020 fiscal callendar.

  30. Natorious The Hopeful says

    I feel Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity will be the last big game I get this year, solely on the fact the other Switch games haven't managed to carry any major hype for me; Fenix Rising LOOKS good, but then the James Brown trailer came out and killed my anticipation for this game so I'll wait to either buy it pre-owned or download it on sale.

    Thank you for the video Commonwealth and have a God Blessed day😇✝️

  31. OneLimitGamer says


  32. Maleeka Abbas says

    Only a few days till AoC releases. I’m so freaking excited!

    (Also, what’s the Music playing during the intro? It’s really pretty…)

  33. SuperZeldaGirl says

    Some really interesting and fun looking games on this list that i think im gonna have to go try out now!

  34. Maleeka Abbas says

    Only a few days till AoC releases. I’m so freaking excited!

    (Also, wharfs the Music playing during the intro? It’s really pretty…)

  35. The Ostrich says

    Not much left actually. Age of Calamity is fine and all, but not a AAA game you'd expect in the dawn of a year. Xenoblade was the highlight of the year hands down.

  36. yin yan says

    LOL I'm just watching the video cuz I'm not allowed to buy games by myself

  37. Sparkyツ says


  38. Just an average Grizzly Bear says


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