1. Rakuen Growlithe says

    For a guy who got a perfect score, you seem to be doing this bonus track badly… No need to cast shield unless you need space as it automatically triggers if you are attacked. And you kept going past the shortcut! It doesn't really matter at your top speed but once you went past even though you had just crashed right next to it.

  2. Eph Pro says

    Why didn't you take the shortcut at the right?

  3. Jimi Kivilompolo says

    where can you buy this game?

  4. ❤Amor❤ says

    very interesting.

  5. Kurt Lim says

    wow… gunblade takes FOREVER to charge up

  6. Nick FLick says

    Squall is the worst character in the game and so is his ability.

  7. djavier781 says

    is posible download this game,

  8. Demi & Lovatics Videos says

    mi infancia :C

  9. Haikunero says

    wow your fast

  10. JhayChi29 says

    @anttiniemi2000 tnx, finally got a good score of 90 so i can even them to 18 each ^_^

  11. JhayChi29 says

    what are the meanings of the 5 stats you have to balance in the make your own racer part, since how much i try i don't get 100 points, i want to balance them out…

  12. VZombieSlayerV says

    oh my god its sqall epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dtothedon says

    Nice unforgotten realms reference.

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