1. Makeupbypita says

    Should I play AMONG US on my next video? Who wants to play with me? 🤔

  2. Addrita M says


  3. Rania Anjum says

    MeI do name Sky

  4. Amanda Phillips says

    I play it it is so awsome

  5. Galaxy Sisters says

    I tried to download fetch rewards but it's only available in the United States and I live in Canada

  6. Delicious Samayal says

    pls i wanna play with u pls do a livestream pls i wanna play with u . we all love to play with u

  7. Delicious Samayal says

    yes play among us its fun sis try it download it in play store. pls shoutout my name

  8. Yomi Torres says

    Me encantan tus vídeos besos linda saludos desde el Estado de México, Villahermosa Tabasco ❤se que hablas español y lo puedes entender saludos bella ❤😘

  9. Amanda Ledesma says

    If you ever go back to Sonic get the chicken sandwich

  10. Cesar Callejas says

    I play amoung us pls play it

  11. Rodina Abdelgaid says

    Yes play among us


    no i hate amongus i hate it plz dont play it i beg u uli will stop liking ur videos😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. mian sajid says

    You are so butifull😘😘😍😍

  14. jonathan robuste says

    yes girl go for it I play among us its now the best game out there you should play it.

  15. Brynnlyn Channel says


  16. Brynnlyn Channel says

    Who just thought she was cool and just clicked her video.AND THEN SHE IS SUPERRRR COOL

  17. Jolie Lares-Mc Neil says

    I play AmongUs

  18. Laura Monare says

    Pls we beg u play among us

  19. Perla Gonzalez says

    Yes and i want to play with you

  20. madhavi churi says

    I am playing plz put a video

  21. deeksha rajeev says

    I play among us its awesome download it pita hook me up ok i love you

  22. Firdaouss Elhaddad says

    Yessss play among us it’s so much fun. Especially when you’re playing with friends.

  23. Adiba Ansari says

    yess u shoulddd playy itttt !!!!! plsss shoot ittt !!! will wait for itttt

  24. Codi Marie says

    Among us gives me HELLA ANXIETY!!! It would be 10 times better to play with friends vs random children online! They are SOOOO damn toxic it drives me crazy!

  25. Precious Blair says

    I download among us 2 days ago ok I think u should do it

  26. Big Street Food says

    ♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍 Anyone readings this comment please support us, thank you ♥️✊….

  27. Aisha F says

    Play animal crossing!

  28. kedibone Ramatlhape says

    wait you said you have never been to sonic,but five seconds later you started talking about how u go to o sonic to get stuff,but its ok i still love watching your videos!!!!!

  29. *-Milky Way-* says

    You should play among us for a video!

  30. Rakesh Nath Rakesh Nath says

    I love playing Among Us…

  31. Alexis Briones says


  32. Cheryl Sevilla says

    Wat da code

  33. Cheryl Sevilla says


  34. Uzma Nishat says

    I play among us

  35. Scarlet Deane says

    omg yes please play among us i play it too its so fun you gotta try it out

  36. hotatina nanda says

    No hate..I love you soo soo much but wear your mask honeeyyyy❤

  37. hotatina nanda says

    Why is she not wearing a mask??😶🙄

  38. besties all aboard says

    I play aming us alot if u want help ask me I m also a yt but a kid lol ♡♡♡

  39. Riddhima Pahuja says

    i play among us and u should do it

  40. Apoorva Arora says

    Among us army😁🤘🏻

  41. Aks_ _2006 says

    Plz pita do play Among us it is fun and make a live video so we like your fans can p!ay with u.

  42. blog with sistas says

    At dinner time i can still see morning /afternoon from the window

  43. blog with sistas says

    Ok so i just suddenly woke up in the morning i take my phone and then i was watching some videos and in recommend i saw makeup by pitas video and i didnt saw tje time when i saw the comments i was like what !she posted this yesterday

  44. Saima Irfan says

    Do a video where you're fans pick your food

  45. • Itz May • says

    Do it pls

  46. • Itz May • says

    Do it pls

  47. salma alharthi says

    I want to play among us with you pleaaassseee

  48. choka alman says

    Play among us

  49. veena natesh says

    Pita among us is really good You should definitely try I literally download 1 week ago but now I am obsessed

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