LIVE: WHO briefing on COVID-19 infections among health workers


World Health Organization briefing on COVID-19 infections among health workers.


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  1. Auburn Jewels says

    They are all still making synchronized dance vid.s on TikTok.

  2. Rudy Barzola says

    B.S !!

  3. BAC Soldier says

    Covid19 breakdown COV=certificate of vaccineid= Identification19 = letters in Alphabet A and IA= artificial I = intelligenceSo covid19 stands for a vaccine that when you take it will give you a certificate of vaccination which shows you comply and do as told so you can be identified, tracked and traced all through computer technology. You can't buy or sell without it , work or engage in any public activities etc.NOW where have we heard that oh yeah the BIBLE THE MARK OF THE BEAST.Its here people wake up and turn to JESUS because the end is here.

  4. Kirk Grimm says

    Why is an old rock band the head of covid?

  5. Brenda Visconti says

    It's Too Bad Some People Still Have Their Head In The Clouds About The Virus!! Maybe They Need To Catch A Dose To Believe!!😱

  6. Victoria Charbonette Dr. Nicole Reese says


  7. Elvis Knot says

    操 P R C

  8. Elvis Knot says

    Thank God for Taiwan and the weapons we are selling them to protect them from the PRC and the WHO

  9. Иван Иванов says

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  10. Elizabeth Fitzgibbon says

    The virus doesn’t exist. It’s never been isolated, and the establishment-provided genetic sequence does not satisfy Koch’s postulates. The entire thing is a farce. We’re facing a war on oxygen, and the PCR test is totally corrupt, and without it, there is no “virus”. Masks serve as a sign of submission and blind authoritarian obedience. They’re very dangerous, and the effects of mass mask adornment is ultimately an establishment-gratifying demand in that the negative health effects caused by face coverings will be categorized as a COVID illness or death. This will yield further lockdowns and control.This is the HIV hoax on steroids and orchestrated by the same corrupt man, Fauci. Same script, vastly different outcomes. The same altruistic dogma associated with mask masking will be the same justification used to require the vile vials, so wearers beware.The shutting down of schools will yield AI learning and effectively dissolve the demand for teachers; thus, the insolvent pension program will finally vanish. Do not send your children back to their weaponized WiGig Marxist indoctrination facilities disguised as public schools.Remember, there are two major forces driving this societal shift: a grand solar minimum and net energy decline. Control must be achieved and a scapegoat presented to allow the necessary societal adaptations to occur. The believed presence of COVID is absolutely vital for the palatability of these social rewrites to occur without excessive resistance.Awake from the psychosis and email me at for my comprehensive PowerPoint presentation exposing the fraud and corruption surrounding this massive global psyop known as COVID.

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