Fashion show looks from LOLLI SWIM 2014 Swimwear Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. The Official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim YouTube channel provides extensive coverage of runway shows including Mara Hoffman Swim, Suboo, Beach Bunny, Vix Paula Hermanny, Oakley, Gottex, BCBGeneration

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  1. Fruland Pababero says

    Ang kapalaran

  2. Fruland Pababero says
  3. diego lara says

    4:01 who is she? Does anybody knows her name?

  4. David Traylor says

    the girls is walking real good they get good come to Talent in workout keep there head for the can do more work I like to C more oh that on my YouTube thank thank you please add more

  5. Erin R says

    i'm sorry but wtf happened here? all the girls are beautiful and have nice bodies but their walks are so awkward and uncomfortable to watch.. its like it was their first time walking down the runway

  6. milena perrotta says

    What walk is this?

  7. Fiji Sapara says

    Why were they all doing really awkward walks? 

  8. Jasmine says

    #3 was the best omggg

  9. Emily PL says

    Amazing job PIA MIA

  10. Kary J. says

    So many cute details! The striped one piece is my favorite.

  11. uncle ben says

    One word, Disgusting.

  12. jamie jasmin says

    Some of the girl's walks were just HORRIBLE!!!!

  13. Jessy Daniels says

    Pia Mia has no ass.. sorry not sorry.

  14. Jessy Daniels says

    Some of these girls walks are horrible.. they're trying too hard.

  15. Sophie Barnes says

    pia's butt looks disgusting 0.o

  16. Laura Delemanova says

    none of the girls knew how to walk very poor

  17. Asijah Daney says

    Aww pia looks so nervous! Her walk wasn't 100% but she did amazing!

  18. æßa says

    + flat ass + stupid

  19. æßa says

    pia is the shortest

  20. Jae cheong says

    OMG pia gorgeous

  21. Machine Jones says

    5:32 lol

  22. Madeleine L says

    Pia Mia was the best!

  23. myeong jo says


  24. Elizabeth O says

    5:02 OMG Its Pia Mia!!! She looks so epic!!! Love the swimwear <3333

  25. friday727 says

    Boring collection

  26. Alia Shaharuddin says

    Pia Mia! 😀

  27. Nik Nadiya Farisha says

    I just love how most of the models aren't super thin

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