1. Rafael Correia says

    Man, why this song is not on the OST??? Is the best of all!

  2. Christian358Kane says

    what genre is this exactly and where can i find more music like this?

  3. Phill Wanzeler says

    It is the first track on bonus EP <3

  4. neocoders says

    If I recall, you had to help the robots get their instruments back in order for them to play it – a treat for solving the scene

  5. Braian Oxagaray says

    I would absolutely go to see this band live, and would probably do the little dance when they play this song


    It does, in the bonus section !

  7. Меджнун Каландар says

    Kokopelli robot – perfect idea )

  8. Special Bastard says

    @HDLuff4Eva Poo ):

  9. HDLuff4Eva says

    @TheLemonGrenade Whelp, I dunno. I have it on that CD, I just checked my iTunes :-/ Sorry, can't help you, then

  10. Special Bastard says

    @HDLuff4Eva Nah, this song ain't.
    I got the bonus CD and it ain't thar.


  11. tania chan says

    awesome 😀

  12. HDLuff4Eva says

    @Skvid and TheJortex

    If you buy it legit, a second CD downloads with it. it's on the bonus CD

  13. TheJortex says

    Not and it's sad …. !!

  14. telecalcu says

    I think this game has one of the best music.

  15. Skvid says

    bah the OST doesnt have this included ;/

  16. rvdm88 says

    awesome music, especially for a indy game

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