Madelyn Cline on Finding LOVE With Chase Stokes and Their Rules for Dating on Outer Banks Set


Madelyn Cline dishes on falling in love with Chase Stokes to ET’s Katie Krause. She also reveals why they waited so long to go public and shares the rules they have for their relationship on the set of ‘Outer Banks’ season two. The actress also talks about her new movie, ‘The Giant,’ out Nov. 13.

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  1. Valeria Nicole says

    That was a wierd question, "Is it love?"

  2. NotFaZe Granny says

    If and when they breakup I will never watch the show the same

  3. NotFaZe Granny says

    They r so sweet

  4. RareMarz says

    They’re endgame

  5. Evelynn Eubank says

    Wait they’re dating?!

  6. Philip Musangwa says

    The new belarke

  7. Zejneb Basic says


  8. Precious Sarkodie says

    She look different 🤨

  9. Ana Ariza says

    Why does she look even more like a goddess in this video

  10. Alma Jensen says


  11. Sierra Clark says

    Hey, Jesus Christ saves and He loves you😄✝️

  12. Bianca Picchi says

    I don't think that kind of interviews should happen, it's so personal, I don't understand why people want to know about their personal lives so bad, like when the woman asked if it was love?????? dude let them be, what difference does it make in your life, jesus

  13. Kahiley Future says

    Omg the comments are like so 🚬 inspirational🚬 like so calm down

  14. HANNAH says

    shesssss soooooo gorgeous omg

  15. ansh singh says

    They were in the hot stuff music video 💛

  16. Tayla Gravenall says

    In season 2 there going be way more better cause they are dating

  17. VCI Army says

    Omgg I can’t wait for season 2 anymore when is it coming 😖❤️❤️❤️

  18. Joana Estrada says

    Wait say whatttttt

  19. Black Lives Matter says

    bruh im crying rn

  20. Betty May says

    When did they start dating?

  21. shelby simokaitis says

    okay but like where in the world is season 2???

  22. reem hasan says

    She is so beautiful

  23. playitlouda says

    so happy for them and so excited for the second season of outer banks !

  24. Barbara Sohonyai says

    AWWW! I shipped them for so long I'm glad it's officially confirmed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. It’s Skumarr says

    It’s pretty cool, love is tight 😂

  26. amy saxelby says

    there such bad liars that i thought they announced it like 3 months ago-

  27. Natalie Schlueter says

    I want to be her best friend she seems awesome

  28. Joey Hayes says

    Anyone know when season 2 is coming out?

  29. luvme ツ says

    Shes so pretty and I hope Madelyn and Chase last 🥺♡.

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