Major Project on Agriculture Information system By Neera Jain, Neha, Prapti, Sheetal, Priyanka


Project on Rajasthan Krishi, i.e. , Agriculture Management System,a total management and informative system, which provides the up-to Date information about all the departments of agriculture to the user. system developed using ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server fully meets the objectives of the system

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  1. shubham maliye says

    can you share me your source code

  2. Sowmya Thomi says

    Can u send me the source code plzzz

  3. Etumnu Matthew says

    Nice work. Well-done. Can you help me with the source code?

  4. Superhotfirerg says

    i want this project source code , can you send this project to mail id

  5. Hemant Shinde says

    exactly who is your customer? the farmers or the marketing firms?

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