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Drinking one can of soda a day can make you 10 pounds fatter a year. Cut out soda and other sugary beverages. Go with water, seltzer or low-fat milk instead. Visit us at

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  1. XM115 says

    Soda is ok every once in a while

  2. AlaskanEagle1990 says

    Is that chicken fat? Also, who's the actor?

  3. villageidiot says

    Anyone knows the name of the song in the background???? really like it…

  4. Paper Bag Man says

    Nah. I'm not going to listen to what the government has to say.

  5. SCROGY says

    Ad Hominem attack: attacking the man instead of his point. Usually done when you've lost the argument and are trying to damage control your ignorance.

  6. prjktz says

    congratz Jay Cutler, now go back to your cross training

  7. edgesofnowhere says

    funny how they said it "can" make you 20 pounds fatter instead of "will"

  8. SCROGY says

    You want a high GH carb (ie 50/50 mix of Dextrose and Maltodextrin post workout is optimal with about 45g of Whey + 600 mg sodium) You want to spike insulin post workout if you are trying to gain muslce. Avoiding sugar post workout does nothing to stop catabolic hormones like cortisol from breaking down muscle tissues to replenish glycogen stores. Fruit and high fibre carbs are a bad choice post training as fruit is generally low Gi and fibre slows the absorption of sugars.

  9. prjktz says

    WRONG again… avoid sugar is even better… u can have carbs from more healthier ways

  10. SCROGY says

    LOL at the people thinking this drink would cause him to gain ANY weight whatsoever. Your body can't store fat eaten on its own.

  11. SCROGY says

    WRONG. A soda is actually beneficial post workout as your body uses fast absorbing carbs to prevent muscle catabolism. You won't gain any weight if taken post workout in the proper amounts. Just be sure to get a fast absorbing protein source to go with it.

  12. SpencerFaisalLowePerez says

    Fat Man drinking: OHHHHHH YEAHHH
    Me: Eeeewwww, you gross,
    Me: Run away to the sea.

  13. Claude Brown says

    I'm sorry but I don't care.

    I have a liter of cola a day.

    And by there math I should be over weight.

    Not at 145 and 74 in tall I think not

  14. alittletoaster says


  15. jawbraeka says

    only if you work out properly 😀

  16. Rahidah Angin says

    That's just gross!

  17. prjktz says

    if u workout and DONT drink a soda, u'll be so much healthier

  18. codependent864 says

    I'm already fat so I don't care

  19. Toval says

    who drinks just one can? some drink a litter or 2 a day even worse

  20. Joeykm1972 says

    I kinda wish they made sodas less sweeter. The sugary taste is a bit extreme, and it's worse in the diet colas, because the sweetener taste nastier than the real thing.

  21. Billy Baloney says

    @Cinj216 Soda is not good for you. No need to research that. Diet soda is even worse. Drink water or make your own lemonade. You will know how much sugar is in it and it will be natural.

  22. EMIHM says

    @Erinsanity …lol it doesn't make a difference its just sweetner added which pretty much is on par or worse than sugar. Studies have shown that Diet drinks are worse than normal ones, so the companies just feed u bullshit.

  23. Erinsanity says


  24. NCreature says

    I have been drinking soda and sweet drinks ever since I can remember…I'm 31 now and I look like a fucking stick…FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU…get your stupid shit of youtube…exercise and eat healthy people…it's not just the sugars.

  25. Jakub Rosman says


    That's without exercise. My math still adds up to 16 lbs. So yes, >10 would be accurate.

    A half hour of running enough to suffice a 7 minute mile will burn about 450 calories.

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