1. Kelsey Jacobs says

    I experienced a lot of right thumb trauma in 2016 due to my job at the time (using quads for ~9 hours/day), and I've had to use a brace for my right hand since when I play video games. At this point, when I pick up a controller, I'm wearing it. I haven't experienced any fatigue or extra stress since I received my PS5 on Saturday, and I feel like I would have noticed it by now… like Tim said, getting old sucks.

  2. barbarosa220 says

    Rest in Peace Jason, we love you!

  3. Tyreke Lockhart says

    Please all of you guys at kinda funny please stay safe n I wish u all the best 🙏🏽💯

  4. Tyreke Lockhart says

    R.I.P Jason 🙏🏽

  5. Thomas Feist says

    Very sad about Jason, gone too soon.

  6. Voltronic 91 says

    RIP Jason!

  7. NcHawk17 says

    We lost a good one. RIP Jason.

  8. JocxD says

    RIP Jason my heart goes out to his family and friends

  9. ReelBigCohen says

    Jason RIP

  10. ESKO says

    Bus driver is correct I myself had that same problem when I play Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS5

  11. nathan rubio says


  12. Dylan Buc says

    Jason, may your memory be a blessing.

  13. Brennan Bova says

    I saw the news about Jason but had no idea he was the one who got #PSWELOVEYOUXOXO started. That kind of positivity will be sorely missed, especially now.

  14. S Vorres says


  15. HauntedPumpkin says

    R.I.P., Jason. <3 #PSWeLoveYouXOXO

  16. PrmtymeTheGamer says

    R.I.p buddy.

  17. Amaan Abdul Mohi says

    RIP Jason…sending love to his family. This year has not been easy I have lost a couple of loved friends and family. Keep safe everyone.

  18. Mike Chenery says

    RIP Jason 💙💙💙

  19. Kinogunda says

    Blessing saying "everyone video games" is simply not true. In his bubble and industry… sure. But no way is everyone gaming.

  20. TheSkylineShow says

    Thoughts go out to Jason's family and all the Kinda Funny best friends who are grieving from this huge loss. Rest easy Jason #PSWeLoveYouXOXO

  21. Ryan Walker says

    RIP Jason.

  22. Manuel Berbesi says

    Great to see homage to Jason! Really sad news but hopefully all of us will continue to honour him and take his positiveness

  23. NALLA says

    A beautiful message for a beautiful soul. RIP Jason

  24. Andrew Samba says

    Great tribute, Rest in Power bro!

  25. Brianstorm says

    54:55 Tim does look like Altano LOL

  26. Mr Migs says

    Very sad news..my condolences 🙏🏿

  27. grapes9h5 says

    ❤️ to Jason Hales.

  28. theheardtheorem says

    Man, I’m not involved in the community at all and I’m welling up over here. Very touching that y’all paid tribute to Jason. You guys have been an absolute blessing through this pandemic experience and have made a profound impact on my mental state….especially at the beginning of it all when there was zero sense of normalcy. Thank you, everyone at KF

  29. killacure says

    How sad 😔

  30. Kenny Williams says

    I only watch the YouTube videos, so I don’t know the extent of/or reach of Jason’s story, but just in that brief clip of him, he seemed warm and an all around good dude. My condolences to his friends, family, and KF community at large.

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