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Welcome to Part 3 of my Football Manager 2021 Beta save with Leicester CIty in the Premier League. In this first FM21 lets play episode we sign one more player to finish the squad, play a couple more games and marvel at the new match engine and some of the passing it allows players to produce!



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My PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 2TB Hard Drive

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  1. Dean Wilkes says

    New subscriber to this channel and absolutely loving this save!! Love it enough to of started my own Leicester save.
    Iheanacho for me is on fire, playing him in a 2 with Vardy and has scored 3 in the first 5 games!!

  2. Matthew Wood says

    Have you put that lollugo view on steam workshop?


    would it be a kev yt vid without the sentance
    "Oh and i spent another 20 million pounds"

  4. BIYI GU says

    lovely, just made my FM21 pucharse, plan to start with EPL as well. After all, it’s the league I’m most familiar with

  5. Jack Franks says

    The intro is 100% accurate

  6. Darren Butler says

    Slags off Jose, Jose Paddy Power Ad Pops up, which I presume will be his only source of income after the Special One is Sacked!!

  7. Danny Nyagaya says

    am an arsenal fan but even i cant believe we are first

  8. Sondra WM says

    “Having a little go at Kev”

  9. elsesiy2ronaldo says

    Hahaha, owned that beetuh comment from last video 💪

  10. Ratwar says

    Sign Mick Powell!!!

  11. Fèlix Léon says

    It's criminal you aren't playing Ndidi as a defensive mid, then Mads n Tie in the centre…

  12. Ragin Cajun says

    Leeds would never sell Kalvin that cheap. Lol.

  13. Dan Smith says

    To not start Maddison and Tielemans is sacrilege though

  14. victoria helburn says


  15. ParkerDoesEverything says

    I’m doing a beta save with Wolves as my first save, I’m hoping to do three seasons and wrap it up before the full game comes out 🙂
    Will you continue the save when the full game is released?

  16. Joshua Roberts says

    I beg you look at Jamie Shackleton

  17. michael read says

    Only mad about Tielemans 😢😢😢

  18. MrMathenzi says

    Why did you bin Dennis Praet he's a decent player definetly a good rotation player

  19. Cass says

    Keep tielemans until the end!

  20. Dominejsn Ikstrim says

    James Maddison for me in '20 FM, always do double/double, so, play JM on IF at left.

  21. J C says

    Love this series already. You do make me chuckle.

  22. xpatriotkiwi says

    Timo Horn coming in to the Team at the next Transfer window?

  23. Gabriel Henriques says

    Anyone knows how to extend the touchline tablet? I only have two columns

  24. Tom Hinds says

    Kev going back to his teacher days 'once more for the ones at the back' 😂 brilliant

  25. Mikael Nyman says

    You really need to get rid of Origi, he is a benchwarmer in any team as best

  26. Oddly Specific says

    Poor Kev having to pretend he isn’t going to bin Schmeichel and Vardy off for all the new viewers that don’t know him

  27. Oddly Specific says

    The things that are going to happen in this save while Kevs inner monologue screams to sell Vardy will be fantastic. Expect 10 Brazilian wonderkids and one 40 year old Jamie Vardy at the end

  28. Mikael Jensen says

    Maddison > Origi
    Don't blame Schmeichel for the goal, your right back left his guy to close down the striker who were already covered by your two CBs

  29. Gabriel Lorena says

    you could do the same thing that you did with the word beta to know how to say Caio.. just type on google "como se pronuncia Caio". can't wait to see your non-league to legends on FM21 🙂

  30. Marty Shirley says

    Perez from your AC Milan save

  31. Marius Hegli says

    Getting the A and I in the correct order in Caio would help. His name is not Ciao. 🙂

  32. Tom Skirrow says

    I defo want a player on this career ! 🙌🏻🦊😂

  33. Olly Collins says

    Just making a "This is an excellent video and the Youtube algorithm should make sure as many people see it as possible" comment.

    Also it's not a question of "I'm British so it is said like this", it should be "Hey Americans talk properly or be taxed for using the language"

  34. Liam Campbell says

    Kev for a striker have a look at Alfredo morelos plays for rangers and is very good on FM

  35. Steven Russell Haime says

    Maddison is a 10

  36. Fèlix Léon says

    Typical anti Leicester…..throwing the 2 best youngsters on the bench, ignored Choudhury because of his hair n loaned him out, abuse Barnes by getting a "young English midfielder/forward, Justin relegated to tea lady

  37. Ryan Winton says

    is it me or am i the only person who thinks, he is missing dennis prart

  38. SolarRune says

    Make sure you like to keep alive the dream of Kevs blue hair

  39. Ahmet Oğuz Samanci says

    Hey Kev, you can call the Turkish CB Çağlar as Chaalar although your way of saying last name also works.

    Much love. Love the vids <3

  40. Rev up Dose Fryers says

    why has only Leicester got their badge

  41. João Marcelo Rangel Gambôa says

    sign luis henrique from ollympique de marsellia, he is an badass young talent, he is an left winger that would came in a very good price

  42. Rafael Franze says

    THE PRONUNCIATION OF "RODRIGO CAIO" IS KA – E – O, "KA E O", Please say it correct, im brazilian and its killing me

  43. J B says

    In real life Mendy is our holding playmaker as opposed to Ndidi’s pure disruption play. Youri is our DLP. Barnes is our temporary Vardy replacement to stretch play and counter attack. Love the intro. Put another pound in the BEETA MEETA 👏🏻😂

  44. Daniel Edwards says

    Give Maddison Minutes Again

  45. Davithi says

    I say beta the american way but i dont know if that just a Birmingham or Midlands thing since we also say mom instead of mum like elsewere in the UK. Interesting 😀 Although i do admit Birmingham isnt really normal lol

  46. Andrew Cuthbertson says

    Maddison was unbelievable for me on fm20 on the left wing defo first choice then Harvey barnes

  47. Eternal One says

    you need to read Caio like it has an U in the end to pronounce it right

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