1. Tristan Jass says

    Leave a like on this video if you’re ready for December when I upload a YouTube video EVERYDAY! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. Chris Madison says

    im really wanting to play t-jazz in washington

  3. Elijah says

    Tjass I like that scorboard up because with u scoring I need to see how much the score is caude u cookong them

  4. Empt says

    5:48 10:24 jass tell your man's to stop being soft that's a easy dunk right there 🤦🏽‍♂️ c'mon now he too big for that

  5. Yonas Duguma says

    7:44 damn

  6. Yonas Duguma says

    #13 look like Patrick Beverly

  7. ABuckets says

    Mans tjass growing a BEARD BEARD ❌🧢 😭😭😭

  8. SoldBruh TTV says

    peep his (T Jass) jersey on backwards

  9. Santiago Ochoa says

    g o a t s

  10. Ryan Robinette says

    At 13:12 look at dude in green shirt

  11. Christos Karananos says

    please tell me im not the only one who got confused thinking that number 5 was cash.😂😂

  12. Matt Gonzo says

    Whaaattt cashmasty n tjass men’s league collab?

  13. Corbin White says

    That boy #23 was talkin his shit lmaooo

  14. Lontong Gaming says

    Of course one like for you, lad

  15. stephen perales says

    Yeah the y’all dude number 33 is trash this game bruh jeeezzzzz, the basket right in front of him

  16. stephen perales says

    Bro the guy that’s Tall af is trash this game, bruh dude couldn’t make the layup right in front of him dumby

  17. MLGCeaser says

    Bro they got disrespected hard asf… mans turned around for the one hand 3 pointer to end game😂😂😂

  18. Ace.Cxpalot YT says

    Tristan ya team is to toxic bro this was funny asf 😭🤣🐐

  19. Alberth Vargas says

    12:50 It started looking spooky. My guy T turned into a hibachi chef.

  20. kash nkolomoni says

    Yooo I’m dead

  21. D Λ V Ξ says

    The backwards 3pointer got me ded

  22. Daniel Fields says

    nobody’s gonna talk about 20:30 ? tjass you a hooper. i would love see you or hear you talk that talk

  23. Imjustsacario says

    My Instagram handle name is datboycario

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