1. Kat Spadafora says

    This video came at the perfect time. I'm moving in two weeks, working full time, and taking college classes and I've felt so overwhelmed. I have also been making an effort over the past year to ride the wave of my feelings and not try to control them. This can be hard for my personality type as I tend to want to take control of everything and "fix" things so it's been an uncomfortable journey trying to get away from that. I honestly relate to you so much in your videos. Binge eating and shopping sprees used to be ways I would try to mask my feelings as well and it's something I've seen significant growth with in the past year. I see sooo much of that same growth in you. It is really all of the hard work you are doing on yourself coming to fruition. It's a tough journey but when you see that growth in yourself it is so worth it. I'm sending you so much love and good energy, my friend. This time of year is gloomy for me too, and you're so not alone. Keep taking care of yourself and listening to what you need. You truly have the kindest, most beautiful heart that radiates even through a computer screen. Xoxo.

  2. girlnotgrey84 says

    This year freaking sucks, let's just get that out there. A lot of us are feeling this way, we're not truly living our best lives, because we really can't because in the back of our minds we are worried that we might get Covid. We can't go out and have fun with friends or go on trips, we can't be with our family who live out of state. We have to stay in this little bubble, and for a lot of people the bubble is becoming claustrophic and suffocating. I haven't been able to read like I used too in past years, which is how I knew things were different for me, I can't just let go and read for a couple of hours, because I always have something going on in the back of my mind that makes me not able to fully relax. Let's hope it gets better sooner rather then later, because this isn't good for a lot of us.

  3. Rambling Gal Jess says

    I hope you find your person! You deserve every happiness. I have felt these exact feelings and videos like yours helped me so much. I hope someone lifts you up soon.

  4. regina penny says

    I have recently discovered your chanel in a difficult period of my life. You have really helped me all this time (your honesty, being true to yourself, trying your best!). For me this week was one of the worst weeks of my life. Watching your videos (new and old ones) is a real comfort. I hope you will continue vlogging for all of us that we love you and find comfort through you. Things will get better eventcually (I have to believe that!). Thank you

  5. Anna-Carolina says

    What you said in the end of the video about accepting bad feelings as part of life was soooo wise!! Loving youtober ❤️

  6. Marina says

    Seasonal depression is a real thing and it hits me this time if year as well

  7. Ana Nikodijevic says

    Something i’m learning in the yoga course i’m in, is to let the feelings come and when they come, to breathe. If you want to cry, cry and breathe through them, use your breath to guide you and the feelings will pass 💕 We are not our feeling nor are we out thoughts 🧘‍♀️🙏

  8. Lee Rose Murcia says

    Perfect video perfect timing. Love to you girl 💕✨

  9. msantoschavez says

    When you mentioned shopping as a way to cope, that hit me. I've been shopping aggressively recently just to escape and avoid confronting the alone time. I've been feeling extremely drained and tired and I just need to figure out what my body needs.

  10. Mathilde Kronborg says

    Thank you for this video, I have been feeling shit all week and trying to distract my self from it. It was nice to hear you talk about just accepting how you feel even though I find that so hard sometimes

  11. Lilly says

    I feel like this video is exactly what I need right now. Today I'm so sad bc of what's going on rn, online classes aren't really fun and I miss concerts soo much.

  12. Nasia Georgakopoulou says

    Not every day is the same keep walking!!!Kisses from Greece!!!

  13. Tanya Palaci says

    Hey Kalyn! Biore isn't actually cruelty free unfortunately 🙁 They technically are in western markets, but they still sell their products in China and test on animals where required by law!! Just so you know 🙂 xxxxx

  14. Ashton Rider says

    I have the house to myself this weekend and I’m definitely having a self care night! 😍

  15. Alba Irizarry says

    This video could have literally been me on Saturday night, when I was watching your Taylor Swift RED video.This moment in time has been rough, and then you put personals struggles and problems on top and it suffocates you. So, I've done a lot of self care nights, self-partnered dates, and I have had to learn to sit in the low moment… and work through it instead of against it. I've also learned that when I pile up dishes in the sink, it's usually a sign that I'm doing so hot mentally.You should be proud of yourself that, even though you're not feeling 100%, it has not knocked you down! You're still doing the damn thing, and you're taking care of yourself! And that is amazing! ❤️✨❤️✨

  16. Tryna Schuster says

    Whats the song playing around 5:29

  17. Jade Oriana says

    I needed this. I feel so overwhelmed at the minute, monday would have been my baby's due date, university is also getting intense. I just needed this reminder to go do what I need to heal myself

  18. victoria madelyn rose says

    I’ve been thinking a lot about your q&a video and how you said you lose followers all the time. But watching this I’m reminded of how glad I am that your content had continued to evolve and stay sincere. I’m excited for Youtober but excited for you to get a lil break after this month 🖤🔥

  19. Jordan JR says

    🥰💕🌠 self care is so important

  20. Taylor Napior says

    Can you do a video about cruelty free products you love and use a lot? I have been trying to make the switch and want to know what you love and recommend! You’re such an inspiration! Been following you for years and years!

  21. boo McDonough says

    Beautiful message in the description box! Thank you! 😘

  22. boo McDonough says

    YEEEESSSSS so excited for this!!!!

  23. Danielle says

    I'm totally feeling the same way. Nice to hear your words!

  24. Danielle says

    Unfortunately Biore is sold in mainland china. So while they dont test on animals in the US, they are not cruelty free

  25. L0tus 3ater says

    Yas girl. Love the low point bit. Low points are part of the process too. As a woman with a womb, I track my cycles by taking my bbt every morning along with noticing other symptoms. It has been an incredible tool in learning about my natural energy cycles. At different times in your cycle, your energy levels vary! You may know this already. I’ve learned a lot about when my energy levels are consistently lower and to accept this. When I’m low in a different part of my cycle, then I know something might actually be up. And then the inverse is true! At some times in my cycle I have so much energy that drinking coffee gives me panicky type vibes! Anyway, it’s a great tool. I highly recommend the fertility awareness method / symptothermal method.

  26. Aly Hancock says

    kalyn!!! i needed to see this vlog/reminder so much— my entire week was more or less like the couple days you described and i’ve been going back and forth between self-care things to address it & also just like feeling through my feelings if that makes sense 😅 but especially in this world of social isolation a lot of the time with covid, it’s SO important to be reminded that so many other people are feeling this sense of overwhelm and it’s not just me ❤️

  27. Anushka Tiwari says

    Grateful for your videos, queen ❤🎃( pumpkin coz come on, it's fall)

  28. Abir Maassam says

    Love you 💕

  29. Valerie Mayer says

    Yessss!! Changing of seasons I think has been making me feel so low too. Nice to know I’m not the only one. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  30. Wikelani Gant says

    What is the song called that plays around 7:22???? I need to know! Can’t find it when I google!

  31. Alice im Bücherland says

  32. Niknak says

    I love putting a face mask on for some self care at least once a week.

  33. Mimmi Li says

    such an important message, thank you, Kalyn 🙏💜

  34. MANTRA CHANTS says

    I look beautiful without makeup

  35. calico.vante says

    I'm currently going through a similar time and this was just the perfect pick-me-up! Thank you for all your hard work, Kalyn, you are loved ❤

  36. Jet Nuijten says

    thank you so much again for your content. didn't knew I needed to hear the message, but glad I found out. keep on going & being you. sending virtual love & hugs your way <3

  37. Laila Cox says

    Perfect video! Thankyou

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