Messi Genius 💡 TIKI-TAKA Skills!


Miss the old Barça? This is where the true Barça lives!
Leo Messi = TIKI-TAKA Genius 💡Enjoy Lionel Messi’s Top 10 Amazing TIKI-TAKA Highlights! For me Messi has been a gift from the footballing god’s, he’s just such a phenomenal talent.
When Barça was at their Prime, they played some of the best Football in the history of the game. Quick Pressing, the ability to keep the ball, the TIKI-TAKA sometimes it looked like they evolved the game.
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  1. Kedy John says

    That goal (match) against Ac Milan is the day I silently saidi to myself: this man is heaven sent.

  2. Sibanjan Aich says

    Andres Iniesta is a pure gem. ❤️

  3. Joynal's Vlog Sylhet says

    the king

  4. radhika pasala says

    After all the matches Barca played against, and won many matches, this clearly proves that even if they keep a match with Barca vs Juventus Barce only wins

  5. rizal em says

    1:26 song?:(

  6. rizal em says


  7. Jalen Van Der Merwe says

    Messi king of all soccer

  8. Jalen Van Der Merwe says

    Messi si best

  9. Iaryngkat Kharkrang says

    My favourite player messi⚽️⚽️

  10. Jim Dillard says

    wish the vid would've said Barca vs xxxx instead of Messi vs. xxxx. Yes, Messi finished and found open space but if passing was so easy then everyone would excel doing it. Passing is an art and this is why we love to watch Barca so much. And did you see how Messi always recognizes his teammates following a goal? Maybe some other stars could learn from Messi 🙂

  11. Mhmd Jeki says

    Mesin is love dogi

  12. Chathura Nuwanf if you A,dga says


  13. Md Jummon says

    I love messi

  14. Creative LSK says

    wow…love you boss messi

  15. Forex Trader says

    there is nothing like watching messi with the ball and what he can do with it

  16. Football Gaming says

    Great video❤️ I want part 2 please

  17. Omar LG says

    Messi = GOAT

  18. Mahrus Saputra says

    Messi is the best 👍🇲🇨

  19. haudey manxe says


  20. GOvind KUmar says

    Main kaka tiki taka katu chu.

  21. M yusuf Yusuf says

    Barca bodoh Gak pernah juara berturut2

  22. rose dupond says

    Messi, le meilleur joueur de l'histoire du foot balle

  23. douglasmac108 says

    how is that last goal not offside? when Alves passes to Messi they are both offside >

  24. Muhd Fahim says

    10:22 that xavi pass tho 🤩🔥

  25. PEMUDA HIJRAH says

    Lihat goal nya merinding gua,, Best player in the world

  26. Hiru357 says

    Messi does not need to win the world cup because he has already won the world.

  27. Yoma Tama says


  28. Ibrahim Mohammed Adam says

    من الصحب بتعود مثل الزمن برشلونة الآن 👉 انتهت ما مكان

  29. Ty Truong says

    Inesta bá vãi

  30. Mostafa Elgafy says


  31. Roshan Rishu says


  32. Elvis Roland says

    I can't love Messi lessHe's a gift to football

  33. สุรยุทธ โชติวรรณ says

    1:55 😂

  34. j ari says

    Stupid music made me stop watching.

  35. Ganesh says

    Murderer of Goal keepers…Messi the great.👏👏👏

  36. R.I.P Nandy says

    It is not Messi vs teams, it is bercelona vs teams.

  37. Kaffy Khuptong says

    Messi vs Sevilla(or any club)…. Too much exaggeration…. Why do I see other 10players???

  38. navin 244242 says


  39. Apez19 says

    Im sorry in advance..tiki taka was popular back when the 3R from brazil did it..back at those days, its super impressive because they played on the whole field, from their goal until the opponent goal they played tiki taka..watching this again is just heartwarming..

  40. Abbas Mosave says

    ITS very hard for any team

  41. lordcumiring says

    It should be Barcelona vs. Other clubs instead of Messi himself.

  42. Karan Rawat says

    GOAT 🐐

  43. I Putu Myartawan says

    When he is now near end of his career, we'll all just be able to appreciate all of these entire works of magic by him and his outstanding and legendary teammates like Alves, Xavi, Iniesta and the whole team

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