1. Nate bound says

    When my dad brought home my ps4 he brought this game with it. I remember me and my brother digging straight down and not being able to get back up. We were ignoring the tutorial.

  2. Marzena Kubicz says

    Epic is epic

  3. _tenfictions_ says

    this: exists

    gen z: volume 99999%

  4. The Amazing V says

    i love how its ends at 4:20

  5. Marianne Best Girl says

    Ten years later and Steve is part of the Smash roster. Time flies man…😭

  6. Kayuki Comic says

    😭😭😭Music Minecraft IN

  7. Dominic Robinson says

    It's anuf to make a grown man cry

  8. FabianGGツ says

    Gotta be honest, Flamingo music (aka music that albert from Flamingo uses), Minecraft music and Kevin MacLeod are the best kinds of music.

  9. Potato Team says

    Man, this makes me remember when i first ever played minecraft

  10. Lydia Huber-Denzel says

    When I was 11 I played the game with my best friend in a survival now we play other games but sometimes I hear this music and it make me crie

  11. Tim OConnell says

    I hate and love this for so many reasons…

  12. ricker The mosasaurus says

    brings me back when my cousin teached me to play minecraft. good old days

  13. RandomsTrydoms says

    The first thing I heard when my chubby little hands touched the X button

  14. Klay Lol1234 says

    I mean you guys aren't wrong, it's just the generation gap, games that were fun to you back then, aren't gonna hit u the same as you grow older.

  15. ʀʏᴀɴ says

    Still here in 2020.

  16. Apollo says

    Only Ogs call this calm 1

  17. ALU ` says
  18. C.I.A says

    It’s been nearly 9 years since I’ve played this game

  19. Evelyn Deresas says

    Why is this music making me wanna cry😭😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Harrison Gaming says

    I loved old minecraft now look at new minecraft it’s completely ruined PS4 edition

  21. Doctor Drunk says

    I don’t remember names this is the only music I always have trouble remembering this one!! Does anyone know the name to this song?

  22. Code demon says

    this makes me nostalgic.

  23. Commodore Plus4 says

    I remember playing Minecraft Pocket Edition when there was no music that's what I've built my first house in Minecraft it was so quaint and beautiful I mean this home track is all I heard during the later versions of Minecraft before 1.13 and after Minecraft Alpha 0.11.0

  24. Morty Compton says

    10 years of my life that i see as a limited gift i can never get back..

  25. Unified Robin says

    First time I played I got a wolf and acted like it was held captive and I had to save it. Good times.

  26. Georges Simp says

    I Love Minecraft. I Hate When I Lose Everything, But Minecraft Is And Will Always Be Part Of My Childhood.

  27. Infinite Yeet says

    The Cave music btw

  28. I wonder Minecraft's employees put this music for Pocket Edition, I can't heard the music.

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