Minecraft Parkour But It's MUSICAL


Minecraft Parkour But It’s MUSICAL


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  1. Shootzki says

    i ' v e r u n o u t o f r h y m e s

  2. The MungoBungo says

    When they started busting out Phineas and Ferb songs-:))))))

  3. swiftninja playz says

    As a band kid, I have a love hate relation ship with this. I love the music and the vibes, but the tics/ metronome is making me scream inside.

  4. Ridiculous Robert says

    This thumbnail im so in love

  5. Sonicly Qaulan says

    the map actually really good!!!

  6. G.G.G. RadioStar says

    This reminds me of the metronome.

  7. Tiffany Pimentel says

    I felt so bad for nick at the end! All he wanted was to submit his score!

  8. Withered says

    I did the poptart thing but with a bag of Doritos

  9. Quacking Mad says

    If Ashlie gets a ring Jon gets a custom 3rd wheel ring

  10. DarkChocolate_ Kara says

    I’ve repeatedly knocked about the power in the kitchen in my house. It’s cause I’m an Idiot.

  11. Awkward Demon says

    I know I'm late but Theater kid mode activatesYou had me at musical

  12. WolfGirl29 says

    This is now one of my favorite maps you have done.

  13. Patchi 2023 says

    I can hear the Pacer test omg, I understand what u were saying nick omg. it sounds so similar to the fitness grand pacer test omG.

  14. Tinker 13 says

    19:33 F in the chat.

  15. Corbin Black says

    Wow Nick, that voice you used to sing sent shivers down my spine

  16. Karrifina says

    14:45 was real cute <3

  17. Jordan Turner says

    Ashlie and Jon flirting every video has become so normal, I legitimately forgot that people usually don't do that until they started joking about it

  18. Jordan Turner says

    Nick has courage for admitting the stupid thing he did as a child

  19. Karrifina says

    Yes new vid yesget down, get funky

  20. Twisted GalaxyFox says

    I love ❤️ this map. This map is like for me because I love parkour and most of the time when I am doing something I listen to music or other videos.I also really hate it when music or just something is out of sink

  21. Regan megan says

    Even though the music stopped, I was still dancing to it

  22. M&M Yakipoo says

    Motto Motto likes that intro 😏

  23. Fobby * says

    14:44 omg you guys are so in sync:0

  24. Etson Hernandez says

    I knew I recognized the song playing throughout the map! It's Beep Block Skyway from Super Mario 3d world and the blocks changing with the rhythm is also from that game too, that's really cool!

  25. WorldWidePotatoe says

    They wanted to know what tongues tasted like sooooooo theyyyy-Y’know what, nevermind what did they taste like, chicken?

  26. core_BREAKER says

    Great video! ❀

  27. Itayoo Nakua says

    Nicky that was a great song of your video you are the best nick🥳🏅🥇

  28. Camille B says

    Nick mentioned the Pacer Test and I actually had to pause the video for a sec because I was getting flashbacks.

  29. Southerngirl700 says

    I hope to have a friendship like Jon an Ashlie's one day

  30. A wild don. says

    Damn that revolution lookin kinda good rn

  31. Xanda Barnacle says

    Best parcor nap

  32. Puffy Llama says

    Nick…do this every video PLEASE YOUR VOICE IS ✨IMMACULATE✨

  33. BlackCat 8414 says

    Nick, I can relate to you on stupidest things you've done with your sibling…Me and my little brother touched tongues purely because we were touching same parts of our bodies together-legs, knees, bellies, arms, chest, etc.-we were both kinda hesitant and scared about touching tongues, and both of us immediately and quickly backed away in disgust afterwards. We then vowed never to do that again. It's been at least 9-10 years and the vow is still strong and standingalso I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who remembers it out of the two of us-

  34. Joe and Michelle Camacho says

    Is Ashlie Actually dating someone right now

  35. The Meow Cat 9 says

    The “I run out of lines” killed me

  36. Sweet Dream says

    Hey mister shootzki can u try the minecraft horror game?

  37. Adrienne Animates says

    Other then Jon,who’s Ashley’s significant other?

  38. CallMePosted says

    Lol cool vid I make mc vids too lol

  39. Shooketh Socks says

    the music gave me a head ache but like this looked hella fun ngl

  40. Galaxy Shine says

    Love your singing skills Nick

  41. Celine colmenero says

    The synchronized laughter was so satisfying to hear

  42. Aqua Phoenix says

    I love how Jon was so far ahead because this map was basically made for him! (His love for music)

  43. Lj M says

    I am going to rate this musical three and half stars

  44. Shane Girvin says

    The music kinda reminds me of So Sorry's theme from Undertale. Who agrees with me?

  45. Gemarald Cursed says

    Oh my God this is such a Nostalgia trip for me because in Super Mario Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and especially 3d world there were these exact same blocks with music.Love that it got actually turned into a MC map.

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