1. Trappy says


  2. SARISS80 says

    Momma you trippin, like that one kibble is gonna do it.

  3. Perkita Seaman says

    Love your videos and beautiful voice go miss kitty you are precious precious sweet angel cat number one precious miss kitty 🌹💋🌹💋💋🌹🌹👍👍🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇🐈🐈😻👍😻👍

  4. R I C O cumming says


  5. Julie Knight says

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! Now that is one determined cat!

  6. Cathy C says

    Aww like the video but made me a little sad cos my Calico almost patterned like her, also named MissKitty and also chubby died last year. I do love the look she gives you after she gets each piece out like "ha human, I'm smarter than you gave me credit for"!!

  7. chata valen says

    I luv fat cat..

  8. michelle thomas says

    Give kitty her food

  9. Fabian Weis says

    What a Beautiful Cat 😍😊

  10. faith Rodriguez says

    Beautiful cat

  11. michelle thomas says


  12. Perl says

    Feed her 2x a day but it in a bowel get rid of that then she cant do it 6am and 6pm

  13. Lillo Pastelillo says

    The portion pro rx from vet Innovations is much better and it will control his diet

  14. Aluan Haddad says

    I'm not a fan of lolcats but that expression, when anthropomorphised as guilt, is funnier and more adorable than all the silly cat videos I've watched despite myself. Makes me miss having a cat.

  15. michelle thomas says

    Good kitty?

  16. The Bruvvers says

    Hahahaa! So cute

  17. Mireia Frazers says

    Nothing beats a motivated cat…

  18. Goldie says

    How about you feed her small portions. She cant outsmart how much u give her per day

  19. trickybilly says

    How to get your cat lose weight: "small portion for you cat (as prescribed by vet) and no more! Don't try to cuddle, don't try to do anything, YOU WON'T GET FOOD Mr. Ballooncat until you deflate! End of story!" It might seem to you owners cruel or make you sad BUT REMEMBER if the cat dies because of complications of obesity you will be more sad. Also no machine. Measure his portions yourself. If the portion comes a bit late because you have things to do, well the cat will eat his "homemade bacon" from his stomach meanwhile 🙂

  20. A D says

    dumbest video ever

  21. RaVen Sequoia says

    That's funny but I understand your concern. Raw meat/bones/organ is best for pets. Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow sells great frozen meat. Highly recommended.

  22. Hailey Schoutteet says

    all i do is get a container for the food then dump a cup into a bowl every morining and night

  23. Ibtissam Belhilali says

    Industriel food not good for humans and animals give her meet and fish

  24. hersheythebody says

    My cat is a fat cat. And there is no way I would've put something like that for him.

  25. hersheythebody says

    you should feed her once a day.

  26. piper.spirit says

    Have you ever tried weight watchers?

  27. Y. not says

    lol! very smart kitty. How is Miss Kitty doing these days? This is my first time here.

  28. Coopdizzle says


  29. marie lynne says

    Lol….turn off the timer…..just let her eat this way…will take forever for her to get a bowl full lol

  30. Hæmoride jørgen says

    Holy shit that's a fat cat!

  31. Rohit Singh says

    That cat is hella cute 😊

  32. Nicola Locke says

    My cat would be beating that machine up.

  33. darkatspock says

    lol Yep, she's got it all figured out! Really, Miss Kitty is a beautiful girl. Hope you don't take some of these comments to heart. People say things and jump to conclusions without knowing all of the details. Would love to see more!

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