Mount & Musket: Zombie Game #1


At the start of the game, everyone picks France (for example), any class and defends the castle. Only a small number of people will pick Russia Mulisha class. If you get killed by a zombie (Mulisha) you must select the same faction and class (Mulisha). The game ends until everyone in the game becomes a Zombie (Russia Mulisha).

Zombies (Mulisha) can’t use two-handed weapons.


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  1. Phillippine Politics,Defense and Economy says

    do people still play the original mount and blade and so as this mod?

  2. Thirtiesguy says

    lol, that one guy at 6:25 ran and jumped to his death

  3. Jordan Casanovas says

    Wow I was making a unity game about 1875 and its zombies then this happened

  4. IECGaming says

    I had mine on low settings due to low fps but that was when I had my old graphics card.

  5. zebeast46 says

    Why there no smoke coming from the gun?

  6. gustavo Henrique says

    the name of this game but there is one thing you can not play too bad guy quits

  7. MadManYo says


  8. IECGaming says

    Mount & Musket Mod but the based game is Mount & Blade: Warband.

  9. Alex Morar says

    What is the name of this Game ?

  10. Pavee Gypsy says

    Yeah I been waiting for a Mod for Gaelic wars of Ireland with all the clans etc- it would prob be easier than some of the others to make because Ireland is about the same size as Calendria haha

  11. george mason says

    The irish would go running around naked though :L
    (no slag intended to irish peeps im irish my self)

  12. Panzer Shrek says

    U know after Napoleonic wars got released, no one's playing Mount&Musket anymore, so don't worry, you haven't screwed up anything.

  13. ryanthemadman1 says

    man i wish i had the money. i'd totally play the shit out of this.

  14. IECGaming says

    Are you trying to go on Mount & Musket? Or Napoleonic Wars?

  15. trapper trapper says

    i got the game and for a week no games open am i doing any thing wrong?

  16. IECGaming says

    Will be uploading Game #2 soon and more line battles (from tonight)

  17. kenyatta dottin says

    yes moe

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