we wanna play nova4 not legacy

  2. Rayyan Mohd says

    Gameloft made mobile feel like handheld consoles miss old gameloft 🥺🥺🥺

  3. Ünknøwn Mân says


  4. Maz Lan says

    Is it multiplayer?

  5. Kizo Death says

    Good old days😞 I use to hit trickshots on this game

  6. Anything 4 you says

    Is this really ultra graphics mod or it's still the same graphics

  7. Anything 4 you says

    Wish Gameloft bring more games with this type of gameplay and story type…

  8. ¡Topi Droid! says

    When Gameloft make GOLD games :,(.

  9. epic says

    The only game i really enjoyed coming from gameloft. Even the multi-player was decent, except sometimes players that used the jetpack and the rocket launcher were kinda of annoying, and also the aim assist was way too op especially when you played one shot one kill, you could snipe enemy players across the whole map, with extreme ease without them even noticing where the shot came from.

  10. The NeedForSpeeder says

    Probably the only real game gameloft made

  11. Diogo Martins says

    yesterday I was looking for the game APK, and today you make it available 👏👏👏

  12. obi 111 says

    I love this game. 😍
    But when I downloaded with the link in the description, said that the file got a virus (can track your activities from your phone). 👀
    Plus the game is not compatible with new phones developers said already that.

  13. SuperDJRambo says

    Keeps crashing whenever I launch it the second time.

  14. Slurps says

    imagine if gameloft sticked to making games this way

  15. Swarn Kush says

    Legendary era of GAMELOFT

  16. CUMA UPLOAD says

    I can mod license apk for android

  17. Proxy Kun says

    This was the best mobile FPS game i played a long time ago

  18. Coleman Jessica says


    02:43 Very happy 💞❤️

  19. Ricardo Carvalho says


  20. René Opazo says

    Plis dowload ryzen dawn

  21. Gamer Zone TV says


  22. Ortiz Chamán Jose Angel says


  23. Ronald Benítez says

    Gold days of Gameloft

  24. Liam Parker says

    Looks the same to me

  25. Manno Graph says


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