Nasreen's Corona Positive | Rahim Pardesi | Desi Tv Entertainment | ST1T


Nasreen’s Corona Positive | Rahim Pardesi | Desi Tv Entertainment | ST1T

Haven’t had a fun moment today? Seem out of touch of what is happening in the entertainment world? Love to gossip? Want to be the first one to tell your friends about something before it becomes ‘happening’?

Well, this is the right channel for you! We give you entertainment news that breaks the internet DAILY only on DESI TV!

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  1. hira sehar says


  2. Chand Suraj says

    Wah bhayi nasreeen maza agya👍

  3. Aysha Raja says

    They also ask them to do stuff

  4. Aysha Raja says

    boys always get they wife's cook in 1 mint

  5. hkaur Bagga says

    Love Nasreen…

  6. MR' KHaN{} says

    I love you❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Beenish Manzoor says

    Turnip kaddu ko khty hnn😂😂😂

  8. guy from hyderabad says

    3rd view

  9. Syeda Asma Nasreen says


  10. نور العين AR says

    Very nice 🥰👌

  11. Natural Health care & Beauty tips says

    Very funny

  12. Sheikh Fawad says

    Hamdan Bhai theek sy community karen iski 😀

  13. Abid Gujjar says


  14. Bis Ma says


  15. Abid Gujjar says


  16. bk criminal says

    Hahaha funy

  17. Hussain Saeed says

    This is very funny drama amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  18. Muhammad Zeeshan says

    Love you bro

  19. Hassan Noob says

    No fisrt l8ke and view

  20. Abdullah Nizamani says

    Bro bro nasreen Coron shit

  21. Ayan Khan vlogs says

    First Like

  22. Ayan Khan vlogs says

    Finally First View

  23. Jamil Butt Butt says

    1 like

  24. MG Qari says

    Good funny video

  25. Jamil Butt Butt says

    1 comment

  26. k4 Thrill says

    First view

  27. MG Qari says


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