SEASON 6: Jackson State vs No. 13 Oregon State
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RULES: No Matter how good we get we will never have a 5 star recruit. if we become a 5 or 6 star program we will only go after ten 4 star guys all year. that’s for in-season and off-season recruiting. if we become a 3 to 4 star program it will be only five 4 star recruits in total that we can target.

since we are a 1 star program we can only recruit 1 and 2 star players. we can only target a total of ten 2 star guys. some may choice to go elsewhere but since we used that target we can only replace them with a 1 star player. if it is a 4 star guy when we get to that level, we would replace him with a 3 start or lower.

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  1. Logan Davis says

    Yeah his qb gets banged up.. but have you seen the hits those chain gang guys take game in and game out and they just hop right back up every time. Admirable.

  2. Jamal Bunyon says

    So basically stop passing the ball. If you can’t get 10 yards in 4 running plays than idk what to tell ya. Also, why is Lester even getting touches? Lemon is probably the best rb and he never gets the ball in a primary rushing offense. But bottomline Jenkins should have 5 passing attempts at most in a game lol.

  3. Neez Dutz says

    They had titans on their offense

  4. Nemo Hoez says

    Went against the game plan control the time of possession

  5. ARIEL GOLD says

    This ain’t it get coach sanders on the zoom

  6. ram29jackson says

    does this game do less crazy junk than ncaa 09?

  7. Steel says

    Please get a QB that can scramble you and a pocket qb just don’t work

  8. Billy S says

    This is how you’re doing with Obi, why are you recruiting another pocket passer?

  9. Zakk Tucker says

    Yall remember when Miles played as SAU vs Oregon St and they had that 6'9 WR!!! Oregon State has always had super tall wrs!🤣

  10. Dialedup 1032 says

    You had success with the wildcat you should use it more next game

  11. Vehicles From Above says

    The white guy jenkinks the reason you suck you was cooking with Lester should’ve Recruited a scrambled qb pocket passing Not your thing

  12. Derrick Talbert says

    15:12 and this is why ur the G. O. A. T. . Love the Channels. CFB gave us " the rocket" Rahib Ismail and the "hot pocket rocket" lmfao

  13. Derrick Talbert says

    Dahl is the P. O. T. G.

  14. Derrick Talbert says

    9:35 I just did that on madden 25. But it was only practice. It was 1st and ten I was trying to hit a HR on last play to win. Got hit with delay of game and they hit me with a ten second run off, game over! There was 7 secs left. On a dead ball clock. I was heated

  15. Matic1 Gaming says

    ???? Win 5 games? I don't know brother if jsu can do that. There having a ruff season

  16. Clamp God says

    Don't know about about everybody else but I didn't have high hopes coming into this year losing Lester but I didn't expect the offense to be this bad outside the run game. I think if we can we 5 games it would be a success in terms of helping get new players but I cant help but to think if we didn't redshirt that qb what the season could've been. Loving the series Dawkins

  17. DaRealFatBoi says

    Too many mistakes in the second half. Next year team should be way better offensively. Defense gone need linebackers next year

  18. G 4 P says

    My boy said if you can get a 2.3 you can play for me.

  19. Keith West says

    You need a QB, T, Speed at WR

  20. Willy The Thrilly says

    We need that Alaska tech

  21. Cassanova Winters says


  22. Pierre Goldstein says

    I think when you got Obi in the game, run five wide. Then switch to the wild cat with Robinson. Because your receivers are trash do what the Patriots do and put a whole bunch of trash receivers on the field and have them run all kind of crossing routes.

  23. Connor LaGrone says

    A stat popped up in the 4th quarter saying that Obi has completed 37% of his passes this season. I’m rooting for him to improve that the rest of the season

  24. Jose Guardado says

    You need a QB!

  25. Logan Zimmerman says

    If you look closely you can hear the faint cry’s of fire Dawkins in the distance.

  26. Necroglobule says

    Dawk actually audibles? What sorcery is this?

  27. Micah Caudle says

    Robinson lookin like the madden mobile players lol

  28. Justin Johnson says

    He running like a bronco 😂😂😂😂.c mon coach dont say that

  29. J5 j5 says

    Hot sauce!

  30. Lightskin Fran Fine says

    Bowl Season ↓ THE DRAIN ❕❗❕❗❕❗

  31. The High-rophant says

    First in this thang 💪

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