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Today we are back with the homeowner series in Farming Simulator 19!


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I own this video which contains the game play and my voice. I like to give credit to the creators of the mods used in the game. My work is copyrighted, please do not upload my videos to any place.

Thanks, Square2448

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  1. Budgieplayz99 says

    Square gang getting close to 90k!

  2. arsenal1k says

    Do you have a way to place unlimited farmhouses or do you always just edit the map

  3. Landon Lafferty says

    Can you get a Harley or a crochrocket

  4. Nathan T says

    Do not lift the gmc

  5. PIGGY says

    Did you make the ramps if not where can I find them?

  6. Brady Larson says

    chevy life ford sucks

  7. Alejandro Diaz says

    Square can you put the snow plows and salt spreaders on your trucks please

  8. Henry Lee says

    I play basketball

  9. Lo Ty Gamez says

    My cat loves watching and he starts purring when he watches keep up the good work

  10. Erik Phair (STUDENT) says


  11. Erik Phair (STUDENT) says

    Love your vids

  12. Tyler Hanna says

    Love the vids

  13. farm_ boy1231 says

    Hi square

  14. z3_emx- says

    Hi square how is your day going. Stay safe

  15. archon60fps says

    Where do you get your mods from

  16. Flynn Beveridge says

    Love the vids 👍🙏

  17. B7ndsGaming says

    Square be balling in fs

  18. Joshua Rundle says


  19. Najee Brown says


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