1. Blake Santner says

    This song brings back so many memories

  2. Blake Santner says

    This song brings back so many memories

  3. AshburnStadium says

    In July 2012, WPVI honored Rob Jennings' 35th anniversary with Action News. His delivery comes the closest to the original concept of "Action News," as his delivery screams, "ACTION!" I wish Mr. Jennings much success and many years in the remainder of his career.

  4. anchorman87 says

    What a terrible opener, as if they didn't phase this out in the 80s… and strange to credit the weatherman first…

  5. MrJesusweeps says


  6. Chris Majka says

    @geoffbruno It's not G.O. It's a company that doesn't really dovery many news graphics, I can't remember, but I saw them on a wensite that usually does sports and commercial graphics…I'll have to figure it out and post it.

  7. Geoff Bruno says

    @weatherpro93 not likely, it wasn't a corporate mandate by ABC, so no chance really.. Anyway, did we ever decide if these were from Giant Octopus?

  8. Vlad Florestal says

    Beautiful! I gotta say, they probably have the best out of all the O&Os considering that WLS and KTRK's Hothaus are getting dated now these are brilliant! Very 3D which seems to be a new trend now in the local news. I don't know whats with this criticism. Its different and unique I like it!

  9. ekt8750 says


    I take it you never heard the opens Jeff did in February that were yanked a week after they debuted. They were downright dreadful.

  10. pete0r says

    This is terrible, it looks like Channel 10 now

  11. hikkupf says

    They add the Peco Building to the open and the Philly Zoo balloon's gone. Hmm. The blue logo circle's been everywhere these days. What gets my gruff is the mix between the previous HD Fox O&O style and WCVB's graphics. Yep. VizRT system runs very smoothly with these, but I can't help thinking about what the heck they're doing with the L3 almost-silent SFX.

  12. HKD2 says

    @OTownNews Well, the winter opens debut in three weeks, so they probably figured they'd hold off showing the updated van since the opens are changing soon anyway. Also keep in mind that there are still plenty of things on the station that still have the old version of the logo.

  13. zbsx says


  14. HulkieD says

    This is… absolutely impressive. This is a really complete, comprehensive rebrand that might be one of my favorite graphical looks in a long time. Kudos.

  15. Mike Parson says

    Of course they won't dare screw with the theme [incident of '96]. And they still have to show the new logo on the van and Chopper 6, But THIS…is impressive. Makes me wish I wasn't living in Orlando.

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