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Install AppValley Tweaked Apps iOS 14 – 14.1 / 13 / 12 NO Proxy NO Computer Jailbreak iPhone iPad iPod Touch – Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

Watch the video Fix Unverified apps / Apps Crashing / Apps Not Installing Is Covered.

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iOS 14 Theme Change iCons NO Shortcuts Redirect IconBoard

Incase the cert gets fully pulled use my most reliable methods below

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  1. DinoZambas2 says

    Previous Video
    NEW iOS 14 Theme Change iCons NO Shortcuts Redirect iPhone iPad iPod Touch IconBoard

  2. Danica Chx Cubian says


  3. Anshul says

    Bro for every app it is redirecting me to homepage. I tried spotify, youtube++, youtube music and read your comment to use carecube but even that is redirecting me to homepage. Help me if possible. I’m new to all this

  4. IMMORTAL AQ3D says

    you will forever be goated!

  5. Karim Nasher says

    Brooo thank you I’ve been watching you since I was 8 lmaoooooo and still goin I’m 15 now

  6. reload7x1 says

    Is there anyway to use the app after the cert is revoked Dino?

  7. Taman Ahuja says

    Released the video on my birthday, absolute legend.

  8. KS Devil says

    pro 🙂

  9. Crmaja says

    When I tap get on all apps I’ve tried, it just jumps back to the home page.

  10. Nidsa Nasa says

    Good job

  11. Mick Denley says

    If I erase all contents and settings to get Unc0ver back will I lose all of my existing JB tweaks from Cydia?

  12. White Mail Privilege says

    Nice titorial

  13. Shield says

    😍 boobs ❤️❤️❤️

  14. King PLUG says

    Literally 99% won’t see this but bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to hit 100 with noti's 🔔

  15. Erick Landua says


  16. John Roman says

    The best and most reliable videos on iOS

  17. Alex Amaya says

    Hey how do I get tweaked apps with jailbreak on iOS 13.5 ? @dinozambas2

  18. pAnimated says

    Hopefully they fixed MK mobile 😃 👍

  19. Alin Campan Gaming says

    Damn Dino all your focusing now is on iOS 14. Makes me wanna get rid of jailbreak and upgrade to iOS 14.

  20. Dill Pill says

    Onlyfans++ 👀

  21. Ahmad Alsanji says

    When its installed I can’t find the app in the library or anywhere

  22. Line Ummup says

    Liking the Halloween theme

  23. Alyounes says

    Pokémon go keeps crashing every time I open it up.

  24. Papi Wilson says

    After downloading the apps they just disappear.. anybody knows what’s wrong?

  25. Luke Emery says

    App installed as followed its verified and trusted but it keeps saying when clicking on the app that unable to verify need to have a internet connection 🤔confused

  26. Apacaveli Tha Don says

    Cool screen saver with the pumpkins 🎃 in the background DinoZambas2 lol 😂

  27. Dj Mossy says

    Was that a technics turntable in the background bro?

  28. Madushan Angelo says

    Broo, im getting untrusted developer even when i have already trusted it ? Help !!

  29. Josi Mike says

    So I should not use cokurnutx when y said not to install any others but only app valley and tutu box?

  30. HARKI SINGH says

    Scarlet goddess 😳

  31. F A I Z says

    Dino, apparently I heard the previous no shortcuts redirect method was unsafe, and it stole personal data from people’s iPhone (📱 so is this method with Iconboard safe, could they steal your personal data?

  32. Jesse Ramos says

    How did you customize your apps icons & your widgets? And that clock?

  33. WWeRockFan1001 says

    When I click on an app to download it takes me back to the app valley home screen. Already tried deleting safari data

  34. FoldedOmelette says

    could you show a tutorial on how to download happy chick on ios 14, the old method doesnt work anymore

  35. nishinoya’s hoe says

    when i tap “get” on certain apps, it just takes me back to the home screen oof

  36. Ak BA says

    No force can stop this guy

  37. MuzSensation says

    Every time I launch Spotify it takes me back to the home screen

  38. Harman says

    Link to the icon library please

  39. jiten patel says

    Hi. Profile verified but when I try to open apps it gives me pop-up to verify profile. Please help.Thanxs

  40. MinatoSR says

    For some reason I think I’m addicted to your videos now because there’s nothing else for me to watch lol

  41. jameltanderson says

    It worked without all the extras 🙏🏽

  42. N3ighbor says

    Here since Jailbreak from an Ipad that had no camera, and when Kuaiyong and Vshare was a thing, these things are gettin complicated man😂

  43. Benny 305 says

    Onlyfans tweaked work?

  44. D1Z3 says

    Having the same issue that I had with Tutubox no matter what I do the apps never install. Great content tho and hope for the best with 3rd party apps!!

  45. Drip Pwn says

    Make a review about signtunes please

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