News reporting during a Pandemic ft. Arnab Goswami | कोरोना की न्यूज़ रिपोर्टिंग : अर्नब गोस्वामी


Republic TV circus ft. Arnab Goswami, Baba Ramdev & Bappi Lahiri
We’re living in a surreal time with an unreal news media.

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  1. Abiskar Dutta says

    No vaccine needed, Yoga can eliminate corona???????WTF

  2. Hemunth Kumar says

    Itna cringe toh tiktok me bhi nahi milega….

  3. Bruce Wayne says

    Ramdev ko chappal "maro naa…."

  4. Subrat Kamila says

    Arnab Goswami is telling about burning 10,000 calories per day by spreading communal hatred.

  5. sanjay cosmos says

    1:28 this how asthma patient take breath when they don't get breath inhaler

  6. Whatever NAme says


  7. iam Venom says

    Secret Love of Arnab and baba Ramdev ???

  8. Salik Bilal says

    28:00 anchor be like:you guys will tell me in commentsĺ

  9. The Boss says

    Arnab is best comedians.?

  10. Vaibhav Kumar says

    Whenever I want to laugh my ass off I watch this video

  11. Youraj Tiwary says

    1:15 he is looking so adorable

  12. Akshay sagar says

    i am disappointed with this video because our legendary dialogue "wah modiji wahh!" is missing

  13. Faisal Khan says

    Ab garam karna padega ???

  14. love Arora says

    Haa too baith kar debate kara kar na….naachta kyu hae

  15. S M says

    Superpower India ???

  16. f su says

    And he called dying migrant workers as paid actors???

  17. Shweta Mirani says

    Can we ban him along with the China boycott?

  18. Shakti Kapoor says

    Anant Singh was right.LAUDE KA SARKAR HAI.


    I have to say Corona is nothing before Arnab… ???

  20. dolaan trump says

    1:24 when you see someone lying unconscious on the street, and give him a CPR

  21. Madan Kaithwar says

    I become hopeless

  22. Bhagvat Dhurve says

    Ye do chotiya logo kaCootyasan hai ?????????

  23. susanta Datta says


  24. Debjeet Das says

    there is no one who is chutiya than arnab goswami. HE Is the reason i hate mainstream media. just chatugiri,fake news, no bringing of people agony,atrocity in his debate only hindu muslim and vague nonsensical topic he debate on . He is most pathetic journalist in mainstream media no doubt hands down

  25. Xyzabc Xyzabc says

    Esmi galet keya h

  26. Sachit Nayak says

    Isse communal spread karne ke liye hi paise milta hai mitron!

  27. devanand yadav says

    Sabse end wala ??? bahut khatrnakMaza aa gaya

  28. yuvraj Pandit says

    Ye republic bharat ki paap ki duniya hain

  29. NO NAME says

    1:25 don't ever trust WHO it is only China Health Organisation

  30. prince varghese says

    Bro never remove the last part from your videos, agar hum kare tho kare kya??

  31. Affan Shikoh says

    Everytime Baba laughs, I can smell his bad breath from the sound :).

  32. IndianHitmanYT says

    1.50 ankh wala tamashai dongi salwari business man chor saala

  33. Koushik Maji says

    1ghanta chamchagiri2 ghanta dalaligiriThat what Arnab do in TV screen.?

  34. Karamjeet Kalkot says

    another papu reporter.. bs india me achi opposition ajaye bs

  35. MonsterManish says

    Ye deshdrohi par video bnana bnd kro

  36. Dilip Pohekar says


  37. Kapil Sheoran says

    Thousand dislike from BJP it cell

  38. RJ presents says

    Baphi voice now =patha doll. ??.

  39. md javed says

    Ye mardon ka rakhi sawant hai

  40. movie shots says

    Kya kh skte hn bhai ye. To indian public ko sochna chahye…

  41. Md khairul Alam says


  42. Asif Khan ranger says

    If he is journalist then I am Bill Gates

  43. jyoti joglekar says

    faltu bakwas channel he ye

  44. ganesh bhatt says

    Fuck off

  45. Abdul Rehman khan says

    Dhongi Baba

  46. Deepak Nagpal says

    Chutiya arnab

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