Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy: Sparks Fly – Saturday Night Live


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Sparks fly between Nick Burns and fellow techie. Aired 11/11/00

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  1. Armando Antunez says

    I actually had TRON on Beta Max 🤣

  2. Seamus Quain says


  3. Keith Huggins says

    Woah – happened upon this exactly 20 years after it's release on 11/11/00. Loved this character. Crazy how tech has evolved so much just since then. I wonder what the spec comparisons between the latest MacBook Air announced yesterday versus that laptop that Chris Kattan brought in are?

  4. Samuel JLS says

    When Jimmy fallon was great

  5. Oh So Very says

    The sexyman 48 line read was funny but otherwise meh

  6. RJ Long says

    Crazy this was 20 years ago

  7. Sillysoft says

    They need to work on the lingo, we dont say 56.6 modem we say 56k modem… Come on guys, geez….

  8. Gad Licht says

    So this is where Jackie Chan at!

  9. Samuel Koh says

    Jimmy is so good as this character!!

  10. DevilzzzzOwn says

    6 year old and only 27 comments!!

  11. Ankit says

    I don't understand one thing thay why do americans give preference to " not to live with your mom" ? I mean why? can someone clear that to me? My father died 2 years ago, my mom is alone and i can"t let her live alone. what's weird in that?

  12. Catsadilla says

    American IT crowd

  13. YLLA says

    You know what times have really changed. Guys like that are on a shit load of money.

  14. Sr Sa says

    Well, rather,
    Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Sheldon!!

  15. V Sen says


  16. in 2013, this guy should b Indian…

  17. John Smith says

    It's so weird watching these in order and seeing technology change

  18. kgabe says

    Calista Flockhart as a nerd is adorable!

  19. Leotique says

    Jimmy Fallon

  20. Paula González says

    That lady at 0:21 pretty much describes my reaction everytime I see Jimmy Falon😍

  21. Kambei Shimada says

    Good sketch! By the way is that Calista Flockhart?

  22. huss1205 says

    WoW, an LCD monitor…

  23. LFP Gaming says

    Holy shit, that laptop must weigh like 10kg! (22lb in murican)

  24. GG Babe says

    OMG I didnt realise that one from the Buffy and the vampire series :O

  25. Alpha Ones says

    2000 with lcd monitors ?

  26. chinguidinsky says

    She wants the (D:) !!!

  27. Sari Hamoud says

    Love Nick!

  28. Nicolás Jijón says

    Way to go Nick,  you scored 

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