PC Gaming On an iPhone – Nvidia GeForce Now IOS Review


Nvidia’s game streaming service has finally made it’s way to Apple devices, but what, if anything has been compromised to make this happen? Today we’re taking a look at the IOS version of GeForce Now which I’ve installed on my iPhone 8.

Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. Playing on my CASIO scientific calculator 🙂

  2. SlogoSlave says

    Doesn't work in India 🙁

  3. Wyatt Cerri says

    I bought an iPad Pro and now it feels so much more worth it now that they've added GeForce Now.

    Now I just need to buy an Xbox controller.

    By the way everyone, according to the product page the next gen controllers are not supported right now but they are planned to be when iOS 14.3 is released.

  4. ipwn youtwo says

    4:56 why would you go sitting in your living room and play on a dick size display :))) when you ofc have a big ass tv screen there and lots of pcs too play …omfg…you seemed like one of the guys i know from here….

  5. SinikkaL says

    Hunt: Showdown. Humming intensifies.

  6. Yunian Irfanto says

    the phone isn't that small
    you sir, is big

  7. Iceberg Gaming says

    Thanks, I’d actually missed that this was even a thing.

  8. mooncow says

    Nvidia mx110????

  9. A true meme master says

    Yay, more idiots on multiplayer

  10. Wheel333 says

    Used GPU prices are going up a lot with the lockdown. I bought an 8gb RX480 last year for £72 and now they are around £110.

  11. Kirby2048 says

    I kinda like the dummy dabbing behind him during the intro lmao

  12. sam Frankenstein says

    Finally you can play GTA v on mobile 😂😂😂

  13. BIRDYwillfly says

    Can someone pls buy me founders edition on geforcenow. I'm not allowed to buy it.

  14. exlibrisas says

    House tour?

  15. Jack Han says

    the last half of the video looks like a fake mobile port ad ngl XD

  16. Cord says

    no way i thought of this idea when i was a kid now its a real thing..

  17. Jayesh says

    I've been playing pubg mobile for more than 2 years on my $160 mobile and still is excited about it. I also own an $800 gaming PC, I usually play story driven games on it other than playing online multiplayers due to my high ping internet. GeForce Now can be a game changer for some cuz you can test a game in your mobile and if you like it you can buy it for your PC🤗

  18. true romani says

    this is great to know right after i ordered a gaming pc

  19. Bright Rouss says

    Does the phone heat up?

  20. Mantas Veselis says

    Let's talk about Ubisoft shit programming and how tons of players are loosing their gear…

  21. JordonAM says

    It's so weird not seeing a single crack on an iPhone

  22. DylValentine says


  23. a says

    how's the latency? is it playable?

  24. Opgamer 76 says

    what in RandomGamingInHD name is this i have a IOS hehe boi

  25. Efren Arevalo says

    This is cool and all but I don't want to carry 10 power banks every time.

  26. David Dye says

    You should do fallout 4

  27. arcticfox04 says

    Apple will find a way to stop this. I give them credit on a work around using the browser but Apple wants their cut of money in the end.

  28. Kushal doxt says

    What? You really played those game in iPhone?

  29. K - Lowe says

    2:42 how big are your godamn hands bro

  30. Charm Chaster says

    ios user?!?!! you were the chosen one?!?!

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