Philippines Street Food in Manila Chinatown Walk | MASSIVE Street Food in Binondo, Manila!


Tons of street food in Lucky Chinatown located at Meisic St. Binondo Manila. Meisic Street Food Lane starting from Jan 17 until Feb 2, 10am to 10pm.

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Delicious filipino street food like grilled and fried street foods, turo-turo (wide variety of dish/ulam/rice toppings), noodles and dumplings, refreshing drinks, chinese food/treats (tikoy and siomai), filipino rice cakes and many more!

I’m Aaron, a Filipino food enthusiast documenting food through videos and sharing it to you 🙂

Let’s go to new food adventures and delicious street food tours.
I invite you to taste the Flavors of the Philippines!


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  1. numutv says

    Best Street food places in the Philippines:

  2. Queen ish says

    Nakaka loka yung ibang pinoy dito😂 Talagang pinanood niyo tong video tapos mag ko-comment ng "Im from a middle class family pero hindi ako kumakain ng street foood" lol. Ano to survey? 🤦

  3. OFW Lutong Pinoy in Quebec Canada says

    Best in china town….

  4. nature lover says

    I miss manila sana mtpos n pandemic ng makakain n ulit sa gntong place


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  6. Asian Cuisine says


  7. Asian Cuisine says


  8. Nayda G says

    Naku pag Chinese na ang nagbebenta ng street food siguradong madumi yan.o galing kung saan saan.Sa harap harapan sa tingin nyo malinis.

  9. Giordan Tan says

    Mukhang masasarap yan

  10. Raquel De Guerto says

    Grabe sarap mgtinda pag ganyan😍

  11. Thrap Arthur Lomongo Lomongo says

    For me pilipino it is better than indian street food when comes to hygiene hihi

  12. Laurenzo Vo says

    kamusta naman yung street foods ng India mas malinis pa nga yung satin

  13. Adrianne Mae Osorio says

    Ok ung food pero ang mamahal 😅

  14. Michel Santos says

    Bhalana high blood bsta masarap

  15. marcus wai says

    Everything is a shade of brown.

  16. Nigel Lee says

    Saan po exact location ?

  17. Clarita Mamaril says


  18. Susan Rinon says

    Im not rich , i was born from a middle class family but im not attracted to street foods , i really dont like , sorry

  19. Susan Rinon says

    Full of cholesterol 😳

  20. Fe Wagner says

    It's been a long time eating street food in Manila . Looks delicious miss our food esp. kare kare. I can't find any Pilipino restaurant in our place.

  21. Boot's and Cats says

    ow yeah, coronovirus

  22. Danny Bautista says

    Wow! Delicious Filipino food..

  23. MaharajaXpress Menu says

    Good Video! I subscribed your channel!!!I also create delicious food videos!

  24. Christopher Villamater says

    Palitan mo na ang mantika mo at napakaitimn na!😡

  25. jhen manimog says

    Buti nlng mas malinis tingnan ung filipino street foods nakakagutom tingnanKaysa indian street food nakakasuka# just sayin

  26. food channel says

    Mas di hamak naman na mas malinis to kesa sa indian food

  27. Streetertainment 101 says

    I like watching this. My channel also shows about street vendors' life in Phnom Penh Cambodia

  28. Nick Cruz says

    Hey Aaron,Thanks for this blog. Now I know where to eat.

  29. Danny Labis says

    Mas masarap pa din ung may langaw langaw 🤣 ung simple lang

  30. klye laxamana says

    This video make me hungry

  31. Maldito' TV says

    Justa ask indian how they cook street food.

  32. California says

    Uhmm..looks so yummy!I'd love to try all of these😋😋

  33. Dream Lover says

    If you easily get diarrhea, street food may not be for you. But please don't ruin it for us who eat and love this kind of food by constantly complaining and criticizing how unhygienic it looks, how dirty the oil is, etc. Even if I wouldn't eat some of the food, I still appreciate the street food culture, particularly in Asia. It's packed with energy! If there was one in where live, I would frequent the place just to feel good! The sight, the smell, the sound invigorating 😍

  34. Chealsy Nicole Arca says

    Isa lang pinaglulutuan ng lahat.. 😂😂😂😂

  35. Redentor Romero says

    Yung checharon bulaklak sarap polutan….

  36. Green Lantern says

    Hirap sa mga filipino pumayag na 10% lang ang filipino enployeers boss a at 90% talaga mga filipino staffs employees langAt ang chinese boss s employeers are 90% talaga kaya chinese employeers talaga ang toto o nang nagma may ari ng pinas at ang pinoys ay 90% dukha employees otosan nalang talaga yan ang hirap pumayag na dyan mga majority pinoys

  37. Indraj Santhosh says

    Be care Corona is there

  38. Jeff Bonjoc says

    Yucks poro mantika mani.. preto na lahat pa ulit ulit lang

  39. mr bulbul tagay hanggang mamatay says

    Hi po nag bebenta po ako ng panty pasend nalang ng picture ng pepe nyo para malaman ko kong anu size. Thank you and more power…

  40. Jessie Magbanua says

    Wow sarap naman! Nakakagutom tuloy.. 😣

  41. roberto oclarino says

    Kadiri na ang mantika nyo lahat Jan nyo niluto cause of cancer Yan.. Madumi talaga..

  42. Faerie Muse says

    Atleast di kinakamay at nka gloves yung iba. Kesa nman sa ibang street foods sa ibang bansa kamay mismo yung hinhawak sa pagkain.

  43. Joyce Hilario says

    Filipinos are so creative, so innovative, proud to be Pinoy💗

  44. موسى حسان says

    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  45. adrian millar says

    Tuwing kelan to?

  46. Lanz Andrei says

    Nanood ako ng Korean Street foods sa Seoul bago ako napadpad dito, pero bakit doon wala namang mga Koreanong sinisiraan ang kapwa nila Koreano? Sa Pilipinas lang talaga 'no?

  47. Lone Wolf says

    AhSo! Chin no eat none of this nasty shit

  48. Chitra Sundarrajan says

    I hate China

  49. Pilars Calatcat says

    Small youtuber here meron din po akong filipino street food mukbang sa channel ko sana po magustuhan po ninyo🙂

  50. River flow 818 says

    Oil and Styrofoam will make you sick.

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