1. ٴٴ ٴٴ says


  2. JB Webb says

    I hate you because you made it where they can steel your boats🤬🤬🤬

  3. JB Webb says

    Somebody stole my boat they should not be able to steal

  4. Dhruvy111 says

    Made jailbreak in my other badimo account

  5. Dhruvy111 says

    I make good games

  6. Gold3n Gam3s says

    I llike chipotle!

  7. JustVloy says

    oh no

  8. Воин Max says


    How did you create this mode? I tried, but I didn’t manage to make a normal game (

  9. Simeon Leung says

    How can you one shot a ship?

  10. Father Goose says

    i love this trailer

  11. Atskas says

    i wanna make a game but i cant script i can only build 🙁 friend me if u can help im atskas123

  12. Marcelo Cosso Junior says

    o cara que fez esse video ele fala outro idioma ele fala esqueve portugues oscara cometa e portugues '-'

  13. laserdoggo77 says

    👏👏 👏 👏 👏

  14. Junified says

    Everybody who is complaining stop it T-T this is literally just the trailer why bother complaining here? You know you can go to the creator himself and complain, don't complain here cause the creator won't see it.

  15. just_TYR says

    This is 100% awful, not only is everything here historically inaccurate there is no wind? Like honestly there is already a game called tradelands which is EXTREMELY similar to this could it be a coincidence? maybe or maybe you just couldn't think of any ideas to make a game with your actual love. Disappointing smh

  16. I Poopy Pants says

    can you make it if you had a fully upgraded base when old system was there u get some cargo back

  17. MRBOOOYA says

    In my opinion, Terrible game… you allowed people to destroy buildings that people worked so hard for… you enable the strong to pick on the weak while the weak are defenseless (Hole base is destroyed nephew gets discouraged)

  18. CodaCooper says

    i like how you ended the video

  19. laserdoggo77 says

    Great trailer!


  20. Team Cloud Developers says

    Great game!

  21. GatoNook says

    cool transitions, have a pirated seal of approval

  22. Bulbasaur is #1 says

    Epicccc if only I have enough space for roblox to update

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