Playing Horror Games Sent Me To The Hospital (Not Clickbait)


Yeah that title is not clickbait fam. Horror Games got the best of me 😅

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Two months ago if yall rememer i uploaded that one video Every Time I Scream, I Play A SCARIER Horror Game! That same day i felt like my life was ending. Basically was left with heart palpitations and chest aches around the heart. Doctor told me to rest on the horror games for a while and just live a healthier lifestyle which i have been recently. Today though we played a horror game lol. Yeah we played Infliction… Probably wasn’t the smart idea considering the case im in but tbh im not really feelin anything. Hope yall enjoy the game play and jump scares we had. It was fun.

Infliction is def probably the best horror game ive played btw

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  1. FuriousFade says

    We are good everyone, My health has gotten way better since this has happend. We been a healthy yung boi out here. Love yall ❤️❤️

  2. Rogia Khalid says

    Does anyone else see the eyes at 12:44

  3. SPRii7ZY says

    Fade i fucking love you bro and if i loose you i would loose myself

  4. Usborne Brew says


  5. Gta_stop says

    At 4 mins it just started like it was just a regular vid lmfao

  6. SushiFN says

    I actually thought that thumbnail was some cap but we can’t lose u fade

  7. brawlhalla gamer says

    On the other hand, that video went supa trending mode

  8. okshabs says

    F for the legend

  9. Mr Squid Pants says

    guys dont like this video man we dont need anything to happen to him.

  10. Kace live says

    "Mama didn't raise no b***h" – furious fade

  11. Kace live says

    What whispers???

  12. Huncho Trendin says

    Get better fade

  13. Jaylen Rascoe says

    Yo fade if u die we die bad boys for life lol

  14. tristan anglin says

    so you basically have ptsd to horror games

  15. Ricardo Sánchez says

    Bro, I hope you are ok, stop playing that scary shi*, we don't want to see you like this again, we love you❤️

  16. Ka'Onna Harris says

    the craft play it again please

  17. Ka'Onna Harris says

    what about the other channeled

  18. David Resto says

    Omg 😳

  19. IRAPROXZYY _ says

    If fade died I died

  20. Ghost Expert says

    FADE : my momma aint raise no b** Also FADE : nah my momma raised a b**

  21. Kinghulk21 says


  22. XD RAFF says

    I am good

  23. arsam says

    y these game supposed to be same senario??? like u can jump through that fuckn window y u should face demons?? i m healthy and i had a very hight heart rate afte this dont do this to ur self man

  24. Matt Vèlez says

    Bro plz we all gotta hit 70k likes, this game kinda nice😂

  25. arsam says

    hey fade fr we dont want u to hurt urself yep we cant live without ur vide( i was in school work and after 2 weeks of not seeing ur vide) i was numb i was hopeless dont do this again promis

  26. astro spaidz says

    But fade thats kinda sus when you put not clickbait in the title also i hope you feel better fade

  27. __SAMSUNG__ says

    Come on guys 75k likes lmao btw take care rico

  28. Kitty Gacha says

    10:14 cuz of Covid, my homie

  29. The Man says

    Imagine someone almost dying to entertain you respec fam

  30. Jordan Keels says

    Hi fade I love you

  31. CR7best CR7 says

    Fade when he was talking to the demonsMe: you fudged up

  32. A Random User says

    DO NOT PLAY HORROR GAMES pls pls don't we can't afford to lose u fadeUR our idol ur the best youtuberYOUR THA MANN

  33. SJM458 says

    Fade no matter wht game u play we love so please take of urslf.

  34. DJ BLOXERGAMER101 says

    your not alone when i was younger i was scared of jump scares from fanf i felt like freddy was going to jump scare in side of my house each jump scare hade my heart racing i had panic attacks.

  35. Money Bag says

    6:19 why you say no homo like that 💀💀

  36. Lanceozwald Estrella says

    Hope your ok fade but I laughed so hard on the"AMSR" LOL

  37. Makkusu says

    Anyone know what the game is callef

  38. Ghoulz says

    I dare you to play a horror game with a heart tracker I think it will go to69420

  39. Lil F.A.M says

    Damn fade hope u good bro

  40. Nitro Jmilz78 says


  41. Cola says

    Breaking News: Fade f**king dies

  42. YND JAY says

    Fade: my momma ain’t raise no bitchThe title of the video: These horror games sent me to the hopsital

  43. YND JAY says

    Dats cap jp stop playing horror games

  44. VXLTA says

    Dead ass appreciate the dedication from this guy hope you feel better fade

  45. stun says

    if you read every comment like this

  46. Devon 無駄 says

    FADE STOP PLAYING HORROR GAMES OR IM TAKING UR PIZZA ROLLS but in all seriousness please stop we cant lose you dude

  47. PDA says

    Get better soon💕

  48. Brianna Ramos Ayala says

    Ayyy you uploaded this on my birthday :3

  49. killua san says

    Noooo eren

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