Premier League Licence in FM21? Football Manager 2021 Feature Preview Reaction


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Football Manager just dropped their first FM21 features trailer of the year, and in this video I unpack what we learned from it – including a potential new Premier League licence in Football Manager 2021?

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  1. Dan Smith says

    I feel like if it was the full PL license it would have cost them so much they’d be shouting about it from the rooftops. Plus I think Leicester and FM have a partnership this year anyway. Either way, still buzzing for it!

  2. communist biscuits says

    still just gonna use mods to get liscenses

  3. Chris Stuart says

    Personally I like managing teams with official license

  4. Adam Cyrus says

    To be fair I haven’t managed in the prem in like 5 years until I got promoted last week on a network save with my mate. Prem kind of ruins the fun of the game for me as you just get too much money and it’s so easy after a few seasons

  5. Danny Burns says

    Hopefully they have more bugs fixed. Hate it when you put in a contract offer for a player that you are going to use as a important player and they choose to go to a different club with lower club status on a lower wage. Doesn't make any sense to me!

  6. Callum Brown says

    The new liitle features are cool and all but hope the game play is more smooth and fluid and players have more attributes

  7. kacper B says

    do you know when fm21 will be out on ipad

  8. Rebecca Carson says

    I'm guessing they have the uk media licence, match screen looks very much like sky sport

  9. Thomas Timson says

    Great tee Kev!

  10. Kostas Kekeris says

    Stadiums are still awful I see..

  11. Claus says

    I'll bet anyone a 100 bucks that this is the year they ignore GK ratings yet another year.

  12. Chippy Boy says

    Good luck with the move Kev.

  13. Nathan Hartnell says

    Leicester are partners with them I believe, a bit like Watford

  14. Andrew Tomes says

    The press conference looks like the remote COVID-19 way of conferencing. Would make sense as it’s been disclosed previously that the current global pandemic will be acknowledged in game.

  15. Ruan Lambrechts says

    Fun Fact: Steam (South Africa) asking price is $32.59 and Epic is $27.89 which almost half price

  16. Josh B says

    Couldn't care less about licensing as it is so easy to download all logos and kits. Licensing would be great if 100% of the game was licensed, but one league it's much bother.

  17. Jwalker gaming master says

    I want Serie a so bad 😩 I want am tired of my boys being Zebra

  18. MP14 says

    Licences? As if there is no way to add them later?

  19. Seanny T-B says

    The fact they have Leicester playing Watford makes me think they dont have every premier league team, otherwise they would tease Liverpool or Man City, for the clicks…surely?!

  20. Dylan Zhang says

    Does Kev know that you can slow down playback speed to help with analysing each aspect of the video?

  21. Shaq Ron says

    How about the match engine?

  22. JMThought says

    I appreciate the positivity. A lot of people being really negative after just 1 minutes of hints for a game that was made during a global pandemic!

  23. JMThought says

    It might be a bit mad but I’m wondering if the whole body language thing is maybe like motion sensor feature for Xbox 😂

  24. Robert Fazekas says

    If there will be no text commentary then they must include voice commentary. That would be really cool and a big upgrade for this FM21

  25. Paul Edwards says

    Fine tuning and tweaks. Kind of what I was expecting given the year we have all had. I like the look but nothing to make us go wow. What I have seen so far are good improvements and a small step forward.


    Nice to see that you are wearing a shirt i designed

  27. WestSide Channel says

    Leicester's bench/dugout is sponsored by FM

  28. Ragin Cajun says

    That one graph you didn't know…it's XG

  29. Call Me Araff says

    I’ve got it for $31.99 on steam.

  30. Ciaran says

    Will you do a united save like last year? Loved that series!

  31. Levi Evans says

    FM cannot have a premier league license afaik, it's exclusive to EA until the contract is up. Hence why PES also dont have it Might be wrong, though. Really like the video, even though full details will be announced over coming 3 weeks or so.

  32. Andrew Cuthbertson says

    is there a beta? i know their doing early access which means if you pre order the game from a sega approved retailer they are releasing the full game to you 2 weeks early. Tuesday 10th November

  33. Bastian Schrøder Larsen says

    xG based stats would make me very happy.

  34. Mohale Matlala says

    @5:53 xG is expected goals. how much a team is expected to score.

  35. BJDMCV XD says

    Leicester are sponsored by football manager

  36. R69NiX says

    Anyone else just really glad that cringey annoying ginger knobhead wasn't in the features video? Fuck that dude that was the most annoying FM features video ever! Still though they managed to make it annoying af by having the video fucking fly by in a blur lol thank god YT let's you slow playback speed down.

  37. R69NiX says

    Press conferences are shit. They always will be. It's just one of those things that'll NEVER be interesting and meaningful in a game. I wanted more tactical stuff. The tactical styles were one of the best features ever. FM tactics are the best part of the game for me lol I want more hard coded roles and shit. More options. Overlapping fullbacks for example. Being able to set your defenders up like the Ajax 95 team etc. They had such a weird system. It's just not possible to do currently with the match/tactics engine.Also the shouts need to be better ffs. Why the fuck would my players get "Frustrated" from me ENCOURAGING them? The shouts and players reactions don't make sense half the time. And does anyone REALLY know what they really actually all do?

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