Productive & Healthy Weekend in Quarantine – Living Alone in Ljubljana | Nika


Today I share with you my productive and healthy weekend vlog, living alone in Ljubljana, Slovenia, during isolation. I share my workouts, relaxing yoga flow, productivity, healthy recipes and more. Enjoy!

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  1. Ethar Naser says

    💚💚💚💚💚💚 love you

  2. Nutritionally Nicole says

    Yoga with Adrienne is so great! I love her energy and her personality that comes through during her guided sessions. 🙂

  3. Starlight says

    love your chill and productive vlog

  4. Marta Sofia says

    I think I start to boycott the trend of being "productive and healthy"… I'm used of all this pressure, I just wanna do things I like 🙂

  5. Mea Gibran says

    Hi Nika! May i know where you bought your phone case? 🙂

  6. Giulia Zefferino says

    Ehy Nika, I'm so sorry to ear you have acid reflux cause I have it too and before I found out I also used to have a terrible cough. Thanks to my doctor I found out it was especially caused by spices, like paprika, turmeric and curry that used to always be a part of my meals. I know how awful it can be to have reflux and I wanted to share with you this information that changed my life making my meal less earthy but fixing my gut issues. I know it's hard but it might be the same for you so maybe try avoiding spices for a wile to see if it helps. Wish you the best, peace <3

  7. Najiya p says

    Love from india
    Iam really waiting for your new video

  8. Afeef Murad says

    Idk how this video ended up on my feed, but for someone living by his own in Ljubljana this is encouraging. Tough times

  9. Jhenifer Nicole says

    please put subtitles in Portuguese. i love your videos but i wanted in portuguese to understand better. I love you.

  10. bib lio says

    Love you, Nika! Please dont change the way you are. You're perfect! Please don't move!!! I like your place! How I wish I am living there too!

  11. Anna Crusselle says

    literally will always need your videos 🤍

  12. Maria Margaret says

    I would also recommend checking out 'Jessica Richburg' on youtube for yoga. She's great, with many different options of length and whether you want flexibility or strength or even a calm routine. Worth checking out

  13. Sonja Radjenovic says

    yess The Crown is the best Netflix Series in my opinion 🙂 But the binge watching goes by so quickly and now i can't wait for the next season

  14. damla arıkan says

    hello from Turkey☺️❤️

  15. Rana says

    i’m here since 2015 your channel is so close to my heart 🦋

  16. Shaqayeq Shaikhasmaily says

    Love your videos😍this one was so helpful good job

  17. Life In A Mum Shell says

    Wow your city is so beautiful 😍 what an amazing place to live 😊 great video.

  18. sarah Haddad says

    Am I the only one who loves to keep their room dark and just crave the cold air to fill the room with a new breeze, while keeping it cozy and all ready and set for the mood to read a nice book and spend your day feeling relaxed! Peacfully drinking your warm coffee or tea and maybe watch your favorite series~ 💕
    Edit: they call me a vampire! And I'd gladly be it 😂
    And you're city is so beautiful by the way~ I'd love to come and visit one day

  19. Farzeen S. Haris says

    Can anyone tell me how One Hundred Years of Solitude is?

  20. Farzana's Law says


  21. Agnieszka says

    There’s nothing „mechanically” wrong with you, Acid reflux is usually a sign of not enough acid in your stomach which may stem from many factors, including H. Pylori. And yes, it can give symptoms for years if neglected. You should address it, it’s faxable 😉

  22. Jazmín González says

    You are pure prana

  23. Caitlin Sucgang says

    I’ve been subscribed for YEARS! I’ll be honest, I probably only click on your vids a few times a year but I’m shocked every time. You always seem much happier and healthier! Congrats :)))

  24. amira k says

    you're so inspiring <3 love you

  25. Via Mc says

    Slowly but surely your videos are really helping me transform my life 💗 so grateful for your platform !

  26. eljay says

    Loving all the recent uploads 😍 feelin blessed everytime i see your videos in my feed 🥰 thank you for your output and input nika, u go girl!!

  27. Melissa dbm says

    Love your vlogs!

  28. Lalita Kinkar says

    You're looking gorgeous ✨

  29. Emilia Burgos says

    Love these kind of vlogs 💛

  30. sobean says

    it's so great to see you having Alnatura products in Slovenia! I love them so much. Can you buy many of their stuff? And can you buy it in normal supermarkets or organic ones?
    Also, I've been dreaming on traveling to Ljubljana for so long now. Hope it will be not too long until then! Much love from Germany <3

  31. Richa Kumari says

    Hey nika please make a working vlog just to inspire us

  32. Elisme says

    Hi, thank you for keeping me motivated. i love your content and this vlog is amazin! The colors are so calma and cozy, thank you for this 🤍🤍

  33. Esther Melo says

    Girl u're amazing 🥺💕

  34. elizabeth & the city says

    I feel like it’s been so hard to remain productive during quarantine so your vlogs have been so inspiring!!

  35. Alexa Ung says

    Great motivation! You inspire me to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself ! 🤍🥰

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