Q&A on COVID-19 and mental health — #askWHO — with WHO's Aiysha Malik


Recorded version of the live Q&A on mental health during COVID-19, with Aiysha Malik, Mental Health expert at WHO speaking with Sari Setiogi, Head of WHO’s Social Media and Media Monitoring. The live show was broadcast on 10 March 2020.

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  1. kimberley vansweriner says

    How are people to go back to work if there is no work for us go to

  2. kimberley vansweriner says

    How can kids go back to school if school is closed and there's no funding for it also how can u take care of urself if were not getting help with funding if it ends today

  3. Shaima Fahmy says

    what is corona virus

  4. Nafeela Nowshin says


  5. Keerthana N says

    This information is very usefull. Now a days so many people facing stress and depression this COVID-19 lockdown time . Thank u for published this video

  6. spin fab says


  7. BALAAJI S.V. says

    Very informative session mam tha k you…….

  8. sai saranya says

    Tnx for sharing 👌Clear explanation

  9. abdus samad says

    This is helpful and useful. Thankyou mam 👏👏👏

  10. Sherin Fathima says

    Thank you for sharing this with us , it was really helpful.

  11. Eggie X says

    The WHO can't be trusted.

  12. Tony Good says

    The facts are it's a flu that antiviral drugs have little effect on, and there is no vaccine…….. so all those people earning $ 5,000 a minute don't wan't to catch the flu and spend two weeks in bed losing $$$$$……. That's all its about.

  13. Tone Green says

    Great focused questions and concerns expressed, but even greater answers shared with the viewers!!!

  14. Mike Reynolds says

    Cleveland Public Library

  15. Ricardo Calles says

    Whenever I am feeling stressed out by the Coronavirus, I just play some Three Beat Slide music and my anxiety disappears…It's like some kind of magical drug that makes me feel happy again

  16. Dr.Deepika Vats says

    Corona is a group of virus that causes a variety of diseases in humans and other animal.

  17. Dr.Deepika Vats says

    Corona virus is transmitted by respiration by exhale process .it is processed by mutations.

  18. Dr.K. ASHOK says

    COVID-19 video found be very usefull in knowing about the orgin, causes and prevention

  19. sangredemusica says

    Why am I crying hearing this? It’s almost like I am being seen, thank you 😊 I wish love and health to everyone

  20. OfftoShambala says

    These acts of discrimination come from our governments who are fining people for living … who are calling for people to snitch on people who leave their homes or are not social distancing properly. We are told by our government that we are selfish for conducting unnecessary business. You people with your pandemic fear mongering organization are encouraging this discrimination.

  21. Biswamohan Pati says

    Is there safety distance maintained during the interview?

  22. Cam Blood says

    My advice about mental health is to believe in God until you develop schizophrenia, just pray they come up with a vaccine before this happens.

  23. mariam ibrahimi says

    Why we can't use plasma antibody of patients that they recover of covid 19?

  24. mariam ibrahimi says

    Salaam What is the rule of omega3 or vit D in this virus?

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