Road Racing: The Risk & The Rush


Road Racing: The Risk & The Rush takes a look into the world of UK Road Racing. Featuring riders, Guy Martin and Glenn Irwin, this short documentary explores the good times, the tough times and the rush that you ‘won’t get from anything else’.

Created by Victoria Quinn. Module: JM3905. University of Winchester. Journalism BA (Hons)

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  1. Lost Mines says

    Enjoyed this, many thanks Al

  2. Mandy Thomas says

    ++₩₩girlfriend's ⚓🤶🎅💑🛒💉😺😺👽👽💊🏪🏩🎭🗡🎭🚔🌏home comforts breathable good look

  3. Richard soma says

    Motorcycle savants . Hats off to Guy he's transcended the sport and raised the profile. Brought a wider audience to the sport. ( I'm on the edge of the sofa watching ) . I want to be Guy Martin when I grow up.Ric James ( aged 46 and a quarter ,l

  4. griffspeed says

    I enjoyed that….
    Thanks… 🙂

  5. sepulture777 says

    a very good peace that did catch the tragedy and the amazement of racing with a neutral approach

  6. Anthony Diridoni says

    Club Raced for 10 years…
    So what, who cares.
    These guys speak the Truth !

  7. Phil Green says

    Lose the frigging clicking noise.

  8. david young says

    Cracking film thanks for making it

  9. Bonus Mafia says

    ถ้าคุณคิดว่ามัน "อันตราย" คุณก็แค่กลับไปถางหญ้าข้างบ้านซ่ะ.!!
    ที่เหลือก็..ก็แค่ปล่อยให้เป็นหน้าที่ "ของผม"
    Cr. Guy Martin Thailand👍👍🏆🏆🏍🏍🏁🏁✌✌

  10. GrrMeister says

    Guy Martin : He has proved to be a great Presenter of TV programs, love to see him on BBC's "Top Gear" and he could probably get this back from the 'doldrums' it now is.

  11. Hobbit Onamotorbike says

    Great job!

  12. Efil Rekib says

    Glen is a gem on & off the track……….

  13. Stanislav Chandrev says

    Great movie ….it seems that we all are with on imagination and motivation…very good movie

  14. Yorkshire Pudding says

    Guy Martin – smashing bloke, had his best chance at the IOM when partnered with the Morecambe missile in 2017 on a factory Honda but the bike let them both down. Great shame but it looks like we'll never see him win the one that matters, the Senior TT, because as he says in this short film, he has other considerations now and when all is said and done he isn't/wasn't a professional road racer, it's only ever been a hobby to him. Even the great John McGuinness told him he'd be great if he gave it 100% and jacked-in his day job, but as Guy has often reminded us, he's a truck mechanic first and the racing is only a hobby.

    Great film bye the way Victoria – hope it provides you with the platform to develop a really fruitful career…

  15. lee Elliott says

    Great video,wish it was longer,goodwork

  16. A G says

    Very well put together and interesting, real coup in getting to interview these racers

  17. Jeffrey roadracer says

    Very lovely

  18. Barry Patterson says

    glen and guy 2 real good men
    fair play guys

  19. Charles Napier says

    Really great video. Love to hear about the racers fears, excitement and goals of racing.

  20. i g says

    proper. legend. cum bk. 4. TT win

  21. i g says

    proper. legend. cum bk. 4. TT win

  22. heliopolis29 says

    Compelling insights. Thanks for posting Victoria.

  23. Ant Webbs3681 says

    The minute you doubt urself or ur position being there get out

  24. Wade Brennan-Millar says

    Awesome man, good look at Men who run this gauntlet. Makes us mere blood sacks realise we aren't living lol

  25. Desktop CNC says

    very well put together. Good job.

  26. Neil Brown says

    Carnt beleave 3 people did like it …. Knobs 🙂

  27. KRM says

    Guy Martin is the guy. Great personality.

  28. silverfox says

    Guy….leave the leathers on the hook, you did yourself and your fans proud you have nothing more to prove.Great little video……

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