1. Jonsterツ says

    Thanks. Walk in a park with this guide : )

  2. Prim3raGlobaL says

    i hate the pipe dial! plus the toxic gas really keep me under pressure

  3. Nockyout says

    He should've let her die since she refuses to forgive him.

  4. Andres Rosa Fernandez says

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA shes all like save me HURRY and then when you save her. she is all like i wish you hadnt saved me from that thing.

  5. GranCenturio says

    Man, every trap victim in this game is an ungrateful bastard! Whenever Tapp rescues someone, all he gets for it is "STFU! It's all your fault!". If I were him, I would let them die!

  6. TheBloodswordsman says

    One thing I've always loved about obscure is that if the door is bolted or locked from the other side, if part of the door is made of glass then you can easily break through it and fit your hand over to unlock the door. The glass was already broken at 8:12. Why didn't the developers just make him able to reach over to the other side and unbolt it.

  7. Dane Wittig says

    Did he ever think of maybe taking the syringes OUT of the toilet first?

  8. Ghost says

    maybe things would go better for him if he would quit SHOVING his had into the toilet… unless i missed something and there is acid in there as well.

  9. Davtwan says

    4:22 – "I'm sorry, David. There's no helper AI in the game."

  10. Waluigifan95 says

    3:26 …ok, back to the saws.

  11. PanCurryJail says

    Loading Screen Hint:
    Use your light when it is dark.

    No shit…

  12. Teaira Wansley says


  13. p6mkq says

    Call it gratitude…

  14. Parlock (at youtube.com/edgezombie) says

    @Gamerscanbgurls4 "Obviously". Capital O.

  15. Parlock (at youtube.com/edgezombie) says

    @Gamerscanbgurls4 Riveting tale, Broski.

    You're an idiot.

  16. Ash Ketchum says

    @EdgeZombie You must not know how Left four Dead does in the Streets, bitch. Puh-lease.

  17. Parlock (at youtube.com/edgezombie) says

    @Gamerscanbgurls4 No it can't, because the game is called Left 4 Dead, not Left For Dead. On the box, it says "LEFT 4 DEAD". On Steam it says "Left 4 Dead" Ergo, it's Left 4 Dead.

  18. Ash Ketchum says

    @EdgeZombie Left '4' Dead can be whatever it wants, bitch. Don't judge it.

  19. Parlock (at youtube.com/edgezombie) says

    @Gamerscanbgurls4 Left 4 Dead, not Left For Dead.

  20. mj6568 says

    I agree sticking his hands down the toilet with needles in it that is just dreadful and painful stings Like scorpions wasps and nettles.

  21. Ash Ketchum says

    Maybe some of his PEELZ would help him! 😀

    If you dont get it, play left for dead

  22. Fierce Bruh says

    sound like bloxors (puzzle)

  23. TFDKS says

    the fists are the best weapon in the game because they are to fast and the enemy cant react

  24. tko930 says

    @RavingVampires hes not wearing shoes hes bear foot

  25. Joojoo moomoo says

    *Sigh* I just don't get why the game has it so you have to blindly stick your hand into a toilet full of needles to pull out the gear. Why couldn't they have it so you can pick out the needles AROUND the gear so you don't get an armful of diseased needles? It would probably only take a few seconds.

  26. TheEpicPeepsV1 says

    @TMW001 that would be awesome nice thinking : )

  27. royal king says

    game looks boring and can u even fight in this game!

  28. Tanner Moore says

    sorry but u were playin on xbox correct? i just noticed the switch.

  29. danty362 says

    Never even played the game, but she is a right bitch

  30. UGAProduction says

    @sammieboy793 same here

  31. Freddy Ivan says

    @SupportAlexJones OH YEAH!

  32. ShAdOw116789 says

    @TMW001 would be awesome

  33. Martyn Bennett says

    Melissa's trap is piss easy.

  34. TMW001 says

    @zZulloZz Yeah but I doubt the team that developed this really wasn't up to truly making a game but just wanted to cash in on the fame of the movies.

  35. TMW001 says

    @casdfdfsdfds No wait come back I can do this just give me a minute.

  36. L B says

    @sammieboy793 I'm currently doing a girl named Melissa. Your sister doesn't live in FL, right?

  37. Leveena says

    Who wishes they had a lighter like that one!? *raises hand* Me, me, me!

  38. Anthony K. says

    hey i wonna ask,does this game have weapons other than the melee ones.like guns????

  39. Master Alucard says

    @sammieboy793 RUN! JIGSAW GOT HER! Call Chuck Norris or Duke Nukem.

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