1. Gerson Bruno says

    It likes oceans eyes by billie for me

  2. Milo says

    Tbh, this makes me wanna support as her, just to hear the music.

  3. Luca Vitiello says

    Shen is very strong in midlane

  4. Luca Vitiello says

    Haters: “Riot created a singer Champion that dont even sing”

  5. Panolmp says

    Omg thank you. I love this music🥰

  6. Lore says

    please do the rising star and pop star next! <3

  7. Ahmed Marzouk says

    Perfect to listen to while I'm getting jumped by a M7 Leona.

  8. Gray Calypso says

    but this was supposed to be exclusive for DJ Sona…

  9. Diargoa says

    Well now I'm curious with her Loading screen theme

  10. Linus says

    I feel like this one is the best one out of all of them tbh.
    It sounds so calming, and I love her vocals.

    Thank you so much! I'm gonna loop this until she releases~

  11. Gabriel Mendes says

    Agradeço pq tava doido pra escultar a musica passiva dela e tao fofo salvo minha noite. <3

  12. Ágimon Torment says

    Been looking for this, I love it so much! The volume is a little low but I can get around that. Thanks a lot!

  13. ÐAT ÐυDE says

    Jajaja Nice Melody. It's in G. With that Melody I'll have to be next to seraphine all the match

  14. Toastee says

    At least they did something right

  15. Marquis Hunter says

    I've been looking everywhere for this, thank you!! Low-key has lofi vibe to it lmao

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