1. Vetrivel Raja says


  2. Nemecil says

    There's something mystical yet very epic about this soundtrack! I love it, well done once again with the music Blizzard. I especially like the beginning from 0:00 to 0:18. This particular part of the soundtrack gives me the feeling that something grand and spiritual is going on within the World of Warcraft universe, especially since the former Ranger-General of Silvermoon shattered the veil between Life and Death when she broke the Helm of Domination. Makes me excited when thinking about it. It's interesting that Lor'themar have told us now (through pre-patch lore) that Sylvanas is an "Master Tactictian" so her actions at the Icecrown Citadel is most certainly part of a "greater strategy" as he puts it, be it with benevolent or malevolent intent in nature. Either way it makes me very excited about the upcoming expansion. Elu'meniel mal alann!

  3. John Logrono says

    Unlimited floating rocks

  4. Nightlu says

    Im no expert but what's this funky bit that starts playing at 8:22 cause 1 its awesome, they never let us down with music, 2 it feels a little outa place with the spooky ghost woooh~ music. Is it supposed to portray Revendreth I wonder?

  5. Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes says

    I have ascended.

  6. Matthew Hogg says

    Cheers for all your effort going into the videos, sir. See ya in Hell!

  7. Orgasmic Poop official says

    Blizzard now playing emotional game with us on ICC lich link and all that good stuff

  8. Orgasmic Poop official says

    I wanna see azeroth inhabit again.

  9. Nicholas B says

    The ending was far more grand-n-good this time!

  10. ashamael says

    the one thing they never get wrong: music

  11. Sagrika Bali says

    I like your fanmade login screen better.

  12. Lalasong says

    "You've been disconnected from the server"

  13. Dexter Wilson says

    This is one of my favourite login screens. By far better than the last 2 that's for sure.

  14. Zidneya says

    I think I liked more the previous one.

  15. Xryeth Gaming AR says

    First? anyhow this is beautiful, coming from a non-wow player.

  16. Athelarius says

    Hiya Folks! The Official Login Screen is finally live with the all the animation & music goodness by the one department breaking its back carrying the others. Bless them. This one however has the RIGHT ending. Still needed some scourge walking around, a skelly dragon or some super SPOOK angel flying around.

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