SIFF 2017: Food Evolution


Screening at the Seattle International Film Festival. Tickets available at

Documentarian Scott Hamilton Kennedy (The Garden) and narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson unfold the polarizing debate surrounding the use of GMOs, separating hype from science for a fresh and provocative perspective on one of the most critical issues facing global society today.

Are GMOs safe? Only 30% of the public thinks so, while a whopping 88% of scientists firmly believe GMOs are safe to consume. This creates the largest disparity in any politicized scientific poll to date. This documentary, narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson, focuses on both sides of this raging debate. We witness the conflict in Hawaii, where GMO products are temporarily banned with the exception of the rainbow papaya, a fruit that depends on genetic modification to survive. In Uganda, bananas are the country’s most important food—providing security to more than 1/3 of the population—yet the majority of the fruit faces something called “banana wilt,” a seemingly unstoppable rot that can be resisted only using GMO modification. In both environments, the arguments between concerned citizens, mothers, farmers, and scientists are heated. GMOs certainly lower the nutritional value of food but are the links to cancers, autism, and other harmful effects actually backed by science? In Food Evolution, director Scott Hamilton Kennedy uses interviews with Ugandan and Hawaiian farmers, leaders of anti-GMO organizations such as “Moms Across America,” and scientists who work with agricultural biotechnology to encourage a well-rounded discussion of genetically modified foods.

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  1. Peer reviewed science for GMOs says

    There is finally a factual movie based on real science, completely free of activist lies, anti-science ignorance and conspiracy theories. It is called "FOOD EVOLUTION" and is so new you have to pay to watch it in December of 2017 but soon it will out of theaters and will be on Netflix and cheaper when streamed. Narrated by Neil DG Tyson.

  2. Lara Potočnik says

    Why, oh why do people think that everyone that supports GMO's is "bought" and that the pro GMO studies are all fake, And everything like this is propaganda…

    It's like anti-vaccines, just GMO's are banned becuse they are in the wrong hands.

    There is nothing wrong with the process it's how you use it.

  3. BarryTones says

    As propounded in the USA, Trade is War. In this instance, Glyphosate is Chemical Warfare.
    The dominant leaders, and many people of the U.S., have such a strong survival instinct that they will Kill or completely Dominate anything that opposes them.
    I feel certain that they do not have the well-being of the world population at heart. There is little Love involved here, only money and death and domination.
    If the multiple $Trillions spent on Warfare had been spent on Space tech and 'Astrophysics', humans could be living on Mars or even Ganymede..
    It will take more than Mr.Tyson as a front man, plus some On The Payroll scientists to convince me that GE Food will not lead to Ecocide and hence Genocide.
    Just some thoughts people..

  4. qazxsw13 says

    LOL, I love the way people say that this is supposed to be funded propaganda, yet they seem to forget that the marketing ploys and bullshit surrounding organic food and non-gmo is about as thick as they claim for something like this.

    You think organic isn't about money either? Did you forget you're paying sometimes 50% more for something that is virtually indistinguishable from its normal alternatives? Consider the fact that small farmers aren't even the primary producers of organic garbage. Bigger farming industries have their hands in the organic industry too because they know there is such a large, and gullible market for it, they'd be fools to miss out on the profit.

    If anybody are drones, it's proponents of organic food for falling victim to one of the largest scams of the last few decades.

  5. Clayton Weber says

    Global population at 7.5 billion and counting….people will STARVE without the use of gmos.

  6. jackson32 says

    Watch "Genetic Roulette" which shows what a complete fraud this doc is.

  7. bipola telly says

    more disgusting lies from monsanto….
    fake scientist, neil degrasse tyson is a liar.

  8. Atom Knows says

    Corporate Propaganda, the Trouble is Science is not always Right because the Scientists can Manipulate data, in favour of more money and funding from companies that want to sell Harmful products, just like they did with Smoking.

    Scientists change their Theories as time goes on, they used to say Earth was the only place where Water existed now they say There's more water on Jupiter's moon Europa than there is on Earth.

    The best way to make a decision on GMO foods is to see the evidence for yourself, and ask questions like what does it do to living things like Rats,
    Why are these companies Fighting so Hard not to have GMO on food labels??

  9. Ann Other says

    This video is creepy. Anyway, India has just found a way to grow Organic rice with minimal water and massive yields, way above gm rice and any other rice ever. I'm going organic.

  10. Thomas Baldwin says

    I'm excited to see this movie and for it's wider release. People need to understand fear driven by marketing and not understanding basic genetics is blocking real opportunities to become more sustainable. It's nice to finally see real scientists convey their expertise and I'm glad the film makers are giving the absolute charlatans enough rope to espouse their nonsense. The contrast must be stark.

  11. Sonneneis says

    Modern monocultural agriculture is the driver behind GMOs. Monocultural agriculture is a large contributor to many of the worlds health problems. It may even be driving climate change. Monocultural agriculture enables us to raise an unsustainable amount of livestock, the amount of meat now produced and eaten is unsustainable for the environment as well as unhealthy for humans. The large amounts of grains and soy drives the snack food industry which is making us all obese, diabetic, allergic, ect. The crops being produced now are low in nutritional value, they have been bred for harvestablity and shelf life to increase profits not to feed people. Monocultural agriculture destroys soil ecology. It has necessitated the advancing GMO technologies, because it is a terrible method of agriculture that is not sustainable. GE won't save the day here. Widespread small scale organic farming is a much better solution. I have learned to grow my own food effectively, in 5 years. Self-taught with no agricultural background. It is not rocket science. We do not need mega corporation's genetic meddling to save us all from starving, we simply need education. Growing food should be taught to all primary school children. People don't know how to feed themselves and are dying of preventable disease because they don't have the first idea of what goes into the making of their food. They don't understand their nutritional needs or the nutritional content of the food they buy, much less how to grow it. This is what needs to change, not the genetic structure of our crops. Coming from someone who has studied agriculture/permaculture for the last 7 years; this film is clearly a bunch of propaganda targeting ignorant consumers.

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