Speedrunning all my impostor games… no mercy.


5up and Peter finally get an impostor duo… speedrun incoming?
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Confirm Ejects: Off
Visual Tasks: Off

Featuring: dakotaz, JellyPeanut, Wolfabelle, PeterParkTV, ChilledChaos, hafu, steve, QuarterJade, ZeRoyalViking.

New Video ➡ Speedrunning all my impostor games… no mercy.
#AmongUs #5up

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outro music ► Crash Bash OST – Dot Dash

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  1. Sogo13 qwq says

    speed ruuuuuuuun

  2. Sogo13 qwq says

    Hafu: Hi!
    5up: kills
    5up: *Evil giGgle

    Me: 😀 wut

  3. Petite Mafia says

    The thumbnails are always so good

  4. Misellus says

    no outro music sadge

  5. _aaathena says

    wait m0xy got banned? why???

  6. A. Adnan says

    "How is there nobody?"

    Well, admin actually shows dead bodies. If you see someone in a room for a long time, high chance it's a dead body

  7. MadiStarlight says

    I'm still laughing at "Do you have an extra pair of shears? so I can make myself a blanket?? becAusE I am sUrROUNDED BY S H E E P"

  8. The Wanderer says

    Dude I was in one of the public games you were in, my namn is Traitor and im yellow with a bag on my head. Feels great to play with a begineer

  9. Kenzie says

    Fun fact: waffles are just pancakes with abs

  10. Mr. Flubber says

    Moxie got banned?

  11. Random Shadow says

    5:15 This bug could've ended PEENER. Luckily the lights were off.

  12. Namida Sai says

    Damn… that last kill at the button was insane. 😯

  13. Expresso Depresso says

    Vega at the end😂😂

  14. Caruso the Goat says

    Wow, the disrespect to forget to put Mr.Speedy in the description, makes a me the big sad

  15. Cygnet Malfoy says

    dk: yassss
    everyone: YASSSSSS

  16. Gian MiniMini says

    5up: i get impostor so much i actually wanna be crewmate
    That dude who had a 62 crewmate streak: 🗿

  17. Z Gr8 Xpurt says

    Hafu being Killed by 5up is now a gimmick in Among Us and I LOVE IT 🤣!

  18. Hel says

    No outro music??

  19. GuvensPS_ says

    5up ”inhales”
    hafu ”guess i’ll die”

  20. Kalamidaddy says

    Y a s s s

  21. Iain Doherty says

    5up casually naming himself as imposter in the first meeting with his vote 😛

  22. Dane Harman says

    Jelly was slayin the yokes this vid xD

  23. Abby Trenary says

    15 seconds before the end of the round, no one was dead but there are 3 bodies?? That's a riiiisky lie their kill cooldown is 25!

  24. Frostbite says

    5up: Evil giggle after killing Hafu ruthelessly

    Sees another person approaching the body: sh*t

  25. A Free Potato Chip says

    the way they all turned into drag queens the moment fake nails were mentioned

  26. Yurzi says



    My boy speedybeanz
    I’ve been wondering if 5up enjoys playing against and with the boyz

  28. ClaraCreates says


  29. FaZe- TOAD-_- says

    5up = God like kills

  30. Calibri says

    "Around like"

  31. Scrambled says

    Every time they went yaaaas, I kinda face palmed

  32. Isaac San Juan says

    stop up-speaking lmao

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