SPENDING $700 ON MY BOYFRIEND'S BIRTHDAY GIFT (VLOG- easy healthy dinner+grocery haul)


I hope you had the best week. Thank you so much for your support and I love you so much 🙂


꙳Christmas intro: Music by ninjoi. – O, Christmas Beats –
꙳Background: Music by Goosetaf – Bumblebee –
꙳Music by HOAX – unconditional –

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꙳How old are you? 17 🙂
꙳What camera do you use? For vlogging: Canon G7x Mark ii. For sit down videos: Canon EOS Rebel T7i
꙳What do I edit with? Final Cut Pro
꙳How do I take + edit my instagram pics?

⭑For business inquiries email- ashzapf@gmail.com

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  1. Sharleen McHugh says

    Good luck on school

  2. Summer Rose says

    you're so pretty and humple i love it!

  3. Jasmine Norris says

    My Favourite Christmas movie is Christmas twister

  4. Perry The Platypus says

    I like nightmare before Christmas if that's even a Christmas movie 🙂

  5. Nikki Outley says

    I wear glasses 👓 & I love😍….. yours where did u get them! My favorite Christmas movie are the Home Alone movies! I'm heading over to your couples 💑 channel & will subscribe of course 😉

  6. Anonymous . says

    My fav Christmas movie is Christmas with the kranks

  7. Sydney Kiser says


  8. Leia Wilson says

    I can’t decide what my favorite Christmas movie is! I also love the good luck Charlie Christmas movie!! Some other favorites of mine are elf, the grinch, Arthur Christmas and home alone!!

  9. Charity Gines says

    That hair style suits you

  10. Etta Spires says

    My favorite Christmas movies is elf buddy is so funny and I Love Will Ferrell movies by the way I love your glasses

  11. Karifah Garbutt says

    Hey asha! I’ve been doing some research on how to boost a yt payroll as a watcher and I got the info that watching all your ads without skips helps somewhat so I’ve been doing that! Also recommended you to some friends ! Ik what it’s like to want to move out and get away from certain stuff yk. I hope I’m helping somewhat financially!

  12. Angela Mariee says

    He looks like this one movie (The Boy)

  13. Khalid says

    Asha is so sweet and humble.

  14. Melissa says

    The Goodluck Charlie movie is one of my favorites! Loved the vlog 🙂

  15. Amy Mccormick says

    My favorite holiday movie is Dr Suess How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey

  16. rachel says

    you guys are so cute 🥰

  17. laura Cummings says

    I've heard of so many states and cities doing shutdowns again. I'm in Florida and they haven't shut anything down. My daughter is in third grade and they haven't shut down her school either. But she's been online anyway for this exact reason

  18. Odilia Angulo says

    I was looking at the comments and asha literally liked almost every single comment 🥺🥺 so cute

  19. Joanne kiwigal says

    Love the christmas intro 😍😎

  20. Robin Jolly says

    where did you get your glasses?💗

  21. HeyitsDeirdre says

    like your intro

  22. Chloe Ashman says

    You look so gorgeous with straight hair! It makes you look a lot older and mature, so pretty! 💗

  23. Kayla Cranden says

    What I pad to you have

  24. Michaela Dick says

    Asha I’m pretty sure it’s only like $500 such good gifts tho!!

  25. Karla Rodriguez says

    The AirPods Pro are ON SALE AT TARGET THEY ARW 199 plus tax of course but that’s a great deal . I just wanted to share that with y’all 💗

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