Sports Floor Basics & Information You Should Know

Sports Floor Basics & Information You Should Know

Deciding a proper flooring system for its purposeful use is necessary for various reasons. Proper shock absorption level, required level of traction, durability, and many more factors actively involved in designing a perfect floor for any type of sports activity. Only a specialist floor designer can provide you the best flooring system established on its intended usage as well as the geographical and the environmental factors. Select the best floor for your sports court, but before that take a glance of the basic facts about the sports floors from this article. Read more about the products here at

Common Usage Scenarios Of A Sports Flooring

Floor is a very important factor for a sportsman’s performance. It not only helps them in the peak of their performance, but it also can prevent injuries like falling or slipping. Check below the common usage scenarios built for different sports courts:

1. Tennis Courts

When you consider flooring or resurfacing of a tennis court, get a double-layer structure design, that can provide uniform ball rebound. An efficient flooring solution like ZSFloor can provide relevant services like consistent ball bounce, quick install, maintenance free design, fix floor to ground and many more.

2. Running Tracks

While selecting a good athletic track, one must consider prefabricated elastic athletic track which is more retractable athletic track flooring material with simple building and adequate shock absorption capability. ZSFloor provides its customers athletic track-based solutions like integrally moulded, safe material, wear and scratch resistant, strong shock absorption ability.

3. Athletics Ground

An Athletics Ground is a big sports field covered with grass (often covered with synthetic grass). A perfect athletic ground has two D-shaped surfaces, which are designed track’s curves.

4. Badminton Courts

A badminton court floor should be furnished with SG. TOOL and elastic cushions for its best performance. A professional and secured badminton sports court is the most important requirements for the players. Apart from the above a perfectly designed badminton court flooring must have equipped with quick-drying design, high slip resistance technology.

5. Basketball Courts

The floor design of a basketball court should have the criteria to protect athletics' joints, energy absorbing lock, non-slip and ball rebound, safety guarantee. ZSFloor design basketball court with the equipment of built-in shock absorber technology which meets the FIBA parameter and also covers the above facilities.

6. Hockey Rinks

The floor design of a hockey rink construction should have the criteria of all-weather usage facility, high speed skate, and an anti-displacement design. The modular hockey rink floors are with tiles having energy-absorbing buckles that can possess all the above necessary requirements.

Why Are Sports Floor So Important?

The floor of a sports court is one of the most important aspects in the success of that particular sports activity. Check out the points below that can high light the reasons why the sports floors are so important.

  • Floors with the perfect give and the proper traction can assist the players in achieving the peak of their performance.
  • A perfect floor can also help in preventing injuries like falling or slipping.
  • A perfectly maintained sports floor after installation is also a necessary step for its users, it can help avoid injuries.
  • A properly maintained adequately designed sports floor can enhance the quality of the game.


Whether installing, resurfacing, or replacing your sports floor, you should always trust a reliable floor solution service that provide you can adequately design sports floor. ZSFloor solutions can provide you the best flooring systems that can be optimized for your health and performance. So, don’t search for other options, contact the ZSFloor providers get them right sports floor.